Patch 1.1


Meridian 59 Princess Castle


The second update for 105 also includes some changes to the new Ogre engine-based Meridian 59 client to add servers 105 and 106 (our test server) to the login selection, and to correctly display 105’s modified Raza city. The Ogre client is still in beta but has improved graphics and UI, 3rd person camera view and most of the features of the classic client. This client can be downloaded from the patcher by selecting the Ogre Client option from the dropdown list, and once launching the client, selecting 105 from the login selection. The source code for the Ogre client can be viewed here.


Meridian 59 forest


General Changes


  • Converted sound files from WAV to OGG format (requires re-download of all sound files for existing clients).
  • Lowered volume on all door open/close sounds.
  • Reduce size of room files by ~80% by removing the old movement grids (requires re-download of all room files for existing clients).
  • Increased max mob count and spawn speed in The Great Ocean.
  • Increased max mob count and initial mob count in Raza Mausoleum and Marion Crypt 1.
  • Increased spawn speed in Outside the Guard Tower, and added extra mob spawn points.
  • Increased spawn speed and added extra mob spawn points to King’s Way (the larger map).
  • Heal rods are now dropped by mummies (2% chance), black spiders (1% chance) and trolls (1% chance).
  • Safe zones no longer recharge rods.
  • More German translations added for in-game text, and existing translations cleaned up.
  • Add “charges remaining” text to chalice of the rain.
  • Zombies now have a 10% chance to dement on hit, at low spellpower.
  • Players are now awarded extra training points when gaining HP at or over max (which aren’t added to actual HP). Amount of training points awarded is equal to 3x max HP.
  • Added a setting to Anti-Magic Aura to change the effectiveness of the spellpower reduction.
  • Increased Hold chance to improve (now improves as well as Blind/Dazzle).
  • Purge meditate ratio decreased from 100 to 80.

Bug Fixes


  • Bind monster aim/agility points between 20-100 total to clear up a bug causing one to be set incorrectly.
  • Move Raza exit portal away from the wall to allow easier access.
  • Fix target handling in Ring of Flames – will now work correctly if cast on self, and messages are correct when cast on other players or monsters.
  • Fix client crashing bug with colored orc shields.
  • Anti-Magic Aura, Sandstorm, Truce and Winds converted back to proper room enchantments due to issues with radius enchantments. Fixes bugs with with these spells not being applied correctly if caster/victim changes rooms, and confusion about who is affected. Truce is now disabled, and the other three spells will affect the caster and anyone attackable by them.
  • Fix display issues with the faces on statues in the Hall of Forgotten Heroes.
  • Fix modified Raza rooms not displaying correctly in Ogre client.

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