Forums are available for Meridian 59 via the Forums link in the menu bar, or click here. Please post questions, suggestions and feature requests for the game there.

Discord Server

We have a Discord server available. Come in and chat about the game, ask questions about any of the servers or find help troubleshooting any Meridian59-related problem.


Development on the 3D game client used on servers 105 and 112 can be found at

Other Meridian 59 Servers

Note that accounts created on each server will only work on that server, and the classic client for each server can’t be used on the others. The same installation of the 3D Ogre client can log into 105 and 112.


Hosted in Germany, running the same code and updates as 105 (jointly developed). Sign up for a free account at


Hosted in the US and run by a different team. Opened in mid-2021, the code is a fork of the 1.9 update from 105 with their own features and updates since then. Accounts can be created at

Original Servers

The original servers (servers 101 and 102) launched by Near Death Studios in 2002 are still running in the hands of Meridian 59’s original creators. These servers run a more classic/historical version of the game without many of the open source changes. Accounts can be created for 101/102 at In August 2018, the client for the original servers was released on Steam, and can be obtained from the Steam store page.

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