Forums are available for Meridian 59 via the Forums link in the menu bar, or click here. Please post questions, suggestions and feature requests for the game there.


If you want to help with Meridian 59 development, check out the 105 GitHub repository’s wiki page which has helpful information and links to get started. No prior coding or art experience is required, and most of the current developers started out as players.

Other Meridian 59 Servers

In addition to playing on Server 105, there are two other actively developed Meridian59 servers:


Hosted in Germany, running the same code and updates as 105 (jointly developed). Sign up for a free account at orĀ  view the source code for 112.


Server 200 is the German “Sacred Haven” server, running the same code as 112 but with PvP switched permanently off. Accounts for server 200 can also be created from


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