Patch 1.2

M59 Welcome to Raza

First month recap

Server 105 has now been open a month and is starting to pick up in the number of accounts being created and players online. Several events have been held involving roving necromancer soldiers and the treasure-stealing chupacabras, both of which will feature in future in-game storylines. The events page is now also online which will list future planned server 105 events and significant dates, although there will also be spontaneous events not listed here. The German server, server 112, has switched to using 105’s code and will be involved in moving the game forward with suggestions and development help.

The changes from patch 1.0 and 1.1 were mostly well-received and have led to many suggestions from players on where to focus next. Some of those suggestions will feature in this patch, and player suggestions will continue to be a significant driver in the direction taken on server 105. Most of the changes that did not make it into patch 1.2 will likely be implemented in patch 1.3, which should only be 2 or 3 weeks away.

Patch 1.2

Much of the work in this patch was devoted to testing the newbie-onboarding process, and determining exactly what we can improve to make learning Meridian 59 less painful for new players. The first results of this are implemented in this patch, and the next few updates will bring further improvement here.

General Changes

  • Removed the old quest code from the previous quest system, giving a slight performance improvement.
  • Purify chance to improve raised from 10 to 20, reagent cost lowered from two elderberries to 1.
  • Character creation spell/skill lists now organised by school/level, and some text fixed up in character creation dialog.
  • Updated and expanded information on newbie signs in Raza, and bank/vault signs on mainland. Added a sign to Ko’catan bank/vault.
  • Jewel of Froz will now regain a small amount of hits when the owner kills a monster or player while wielding it.
  • Major Heal no longer has karma loss when cast on negative karma players, has had the reagent cost lowered from 5 to 4 herbs, improve chance lowered from 20 to 15, and TP cost raised from 50 to 75.
  • Hospice has had its reagent cost lowered from 3 to 2 herbs, improve chance raised from 15 to 20, the mana cost raised from 10 to 15, TP cost raised from 30 to 40 and the focus time removed.
  • Minor Heal has had its mana cost raised from 3 to 9 and the focus time removed.
  • Lowered weight/bulk of fairy wings, firesand, herbs and rainbow ferns.
  • Death Rift cast time lowered from 60 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Death Link reagent cost changed from 1 vial of shaman blood/1 polished seraphym to 1 vial/1 dark angel feather.
  • Spell items (wands, potions, scrolls) now require mana to use. Mana cost is set to 75% the cost of casting the actual spell by default, but can be raised or lowered.
  • Robes and disciple robe resistances changed – both now have 10% fire weakness and 10% weapon weakness. Disciple robes additionally have 15% shock resistance.
  • Server can now keep track of an email address for each account, for future automated password resets. Contact Delerium in-game to have an email address added to your account.
  • More in-game text translated to German, and existing text improved.
  • Misc. code cleanup and performance improvements.

Client Changes

  • Added visible names to signs and NPCs, to help new players identify both. Experienced players can switch both of these off in the updated preferences menu.


M59 pref menu


  • Added a white highlight effect on signs to draw attention to them.
  • Added a highlight effect to targeting, which can be switched on/off in the preferences menu.


M59 targeting


  • Fixed the heavy pixelation on player (and now NPC/sign) names, names will now scale much better.
  • Added a yellow star on the map/minimap to indicate a special item has dropped. Used for God’s Gifts, Magic Spirit Helm, masks and ancient trinkets.
  • Added support for a wider range of characters to player names. Players can now make names using letters with umlauts and other letter modifiers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix display of German battle text – will now use correct language for monster names.
  • Fixed the bug in Thrasher’s lair preventing players using Ogre client from moving through the gap to the last area.
  • Fixed some display issues in Raza when using software renderer.
  • The sound played when receiving a tell from another player will no longer play if the sender is on the receiver’s ignore list.
  • Raza NPCs will now correctly respond to “hello” and other greetings.
  • NPC faction troops will no longer be deleted to make room for more faction troops.
  • Fixed a bug with account deletion.

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