2.12 Hotfixes and Adjustments

Meridian 59 snowman in Winter Forest

Since the release of the 2.12 update, we have been focusing on developing our upcoming expansion while also making necessary hotfixes and live adjustments to the server. This post aims to provide a comprehensive list of these accumulated changes, some of which are related to the new Weaponcraft/combat features. To ensure that players can acclimate to these new features, we have temporarily disabled some of them while concentrating feedback on a smaller portion of the update. We plan to re-enable these features in the future, but we also plan to use feedback and testing to improve existing combat mechanics.

Note that bug fixes for minor issues with the 2.12 update itself are not included here, but are detailed in the individual hotfix patch notes on the in-game newsglobes.


General Changes

  • Weapons enchanted with glow can now be used in quests (e.g. giving a glowing lute to the bartender in the Jala Necklace quest).
  • NPCs will no longer accept chalices in offers.
  • Skill percentages no longer count double for the Greatest Adventurer statue in the Hall of Heroes. Weaponcraft now has enough skills that the 2x weighting was no longer needed.
  • Thrasher chest loot has been changed – now available are three weapon mods (Colhorr/expert, burn and bleed) on axe, hammer, long sword, nerudite sword, mystic sword and scimitar, 50x special reagents, 25x elemental arrows, 30k shillings, rose, shrine offerings, prism and true lute.
  • Ghost of Far’nohl now drops rubies, essence dust, theurgic remnants & twinkle cap mushrooms.
  • Groundworm queens now drop spessartine rocks, windroot leaves and windroot seeds. Windroot seeds can be planted in the plant soil object, and grow into plants which can be harvested for windroot leaves.
  • Trolls have a slightly higher chance to drop heal wands.
  • Added telo fruit to the kriipa loot table to make building on them a little less painful.
  • Adjusted the Yeti loot table to be more fitting for a tough monster. Can now drop essence dust, twinkle caps and heal wands as well as BDS, DAFS, and plate armor.
  • The ‘blast’ style attack spells now display projectiles between the caster & target.
  • Added a new snowman monster for Qormas events, and a decorative herald shield as a rare chance in Qormas presents.


Combat System Changes

  • Disabled active defenses, feint and post-Unleash exposure for now while we refine other features of the combat system.
  • Knockback now pushes the victim 30% as far as it did previously.
  • Unleash will only have a chance to improve, when at least a single point of damage has been dealt.
  • Unleash chance to improve will now take the target into account (as most other offensive abilities).
  • Unleash chance to improve is now reduced unless a killing blow is dealt with the attack.
  • Unleash ‘Gut’ will now only apply a bleed effect if at least a single point of damage has been dealt.
  • Unleash ‘Lunge’ now has an updated damage calculation that will make the skill feel more meaningful and responsive.
  • A failed axe unleash will now briefly slow the attacker instead of using spider web to hold them.
  • Allow item use, including equipping/unequipping, while using the sprint active skill.
  • Hold, Blind and Dazzle will now break swing and casting concentration on the target, rather than any swing or focus spell firing after the target is already held/blind.
  • Modified calculation for lunge and and ambush that allows more precise and intuitive tuning.
  • Fix missing player ‘ouch’ sounds on spell attacks (splash/bolt spells, earthquake, ice nova).
  • Increase the chance to improve for the crushing blows skill.


Bug Fixes

  • Hunt meditate ratio changed from 100 to 75. This spell is currently uncastable (changes for the next update, it requires a SotH) so the rate was lowered.
  • Fix light from the glow spell not wearing off when applied to lutes.
  • Fix reflections sometimes not attacking for a short time after being created.
  • Fix case where if a player had two stacks of a reagent (one in inventory, one in reagent bag) and both stacks were needed to cast a spell, only the inventory stack would be consumed giving a one-off cheap cast of the spell. Multiple stacks will always be used now if necessary.
  • Fix some remaining range/attack issues with the combination of morph & reflection.
  • Remove the second branch of Parrin’s disciple quest from his quest list on completion of his quest.
  • Fix some attack animations only playing the first frame or two and not the whole animation. There are still some issues with moving attack animations, mostly in classic client.
  • Fix some display glitches with shadow form.
  • Add missing wall flags in Queen’s Way to prevent attacks through some walls. These flags were fixed in an earlier version of the room but adding the rotated room accidentally reverted those fixes.
  • Fix evil twin issue causing the room crash in Orc Caves. Evil twins of spellcasting mobs can no longer cast spells themselves.
  • Fixed mob reflections not being cleaned up correctly by room dispose.
  • Adjust speedhack detection to better account for movement speed changes. Should result in less rubber banding associated with sprint, slow and axe unleash.
  • Fix faction soldiers being spawned with base stats and health instead of that modified by what equipment they are given.
  • Fix a bug that could cause the resting vigor level to not visually update in the clients if it dropped from above current vigor to below current vigor.

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