Ogre Client Update (2022.7)

m59 ogre client arena


In preparation for our upcoming 2.12 update, we are releasing the completed changes to the 3D Ogre client. The 2.12 update itself will likely be completed by the end of July. Pictured above is the new outdoor arena, “The Hallowed Training Grounds” which is accessible now via portal from Marion and the adventurer’s halls in Tos, Barloque, Cor Noth and Jasper. These portals will stay open until the 2.12 update.


General Changes

  • Show ‘Items’ instead of ‘Activate’ as the tooltip for the Activate/Use/Look Inside button in the Target window when a container is the targeted/highlighted object.
  • Prevent clearing visual effects (phase, blind, dazzle) on system save.
  • Show “Phased” rather than “Paralyzed” when phased out.
  • Adjust field of view so that objects outside what the server would expect the FoV to be will not be considered as valid attack targets.
  • Refresh chat window more frequently which should sync up combat and sounds better and make everything feel a bit snappier.
  • Add a 5th row to the action button grid (hotkeys).
  • Fix action button tooltips not updating the assigned key when the key is changed in Options.
  • Fix window positions and visibility being deleted when closing the client in specific ways (e.g. quit to character select->exit). This should remove the major cause of disappearing windows, but window positions can still be overwritten by having multiple clients open – each closing client overwrites the window positions of the last one.
  • Add a UI Reset button next to the UI Lock button in the top-right of the client window. Clicking it (when the UI is not locked) will reset UI windows to their default position and size. Useful when something is lost offscreen, or to move the new 5-row action button grid up.
  • Change the UI Lock button to something that more closely matches the look of the client.
  • Add German translations for more UI elements.

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