Patch 2.11

Meridian 59 Flagpole

General Changes

  • Weight of reagents stored in a reagent bag is reduced by 15%.
  • Magical weapons (Riija sword, mystic sword) and weapons enchanted with Enchant Weapon now do partial spell damage against Armor of Gort, bringing them in line with holy/unholy weapons.
  • A system setting has been added to allow same faction shield attack without penalties. This will be enabled to test whether balance/PvP issues arise, and the final value of the setting will depend on feedback from players.
  • Play a sound when player receives a message letting guild know rent is getting low & guild is in danger of disbanding.
  • Transference will now send items directly to guild hall chests. The foyer guild hall chests remain, but don’t interact with Transference or Loadout.
  • Monsters created using Qor’s Animate spell are no longer classed as illusions and cannot be dispelled.
  • Final Rites will now kill any animated monster in the room.
  • Allow followers to wear karma items (ivy circlet, orc shield).
  • Converted Psychochild’s statue in Chamber of the Forgotten Heroes to display his avatar as a xeochicatl.


‘Super’ Reagents

  • Super reagents are a new type of reagent which can substitute for other reagents in spells. For instance, spessartine rock substitutes for any gem-based reagent.
  • One of these (twinkle cap mushrooms) was already available, but the other four can now also be found in-game.
  • Lupogg King, Orc Pit Boss and the new monster in Giant’s Hollow all drop some of the new reagents.

Essence dust

Theurgic relic

Spessartine rock

Twinkle cap mushroom

Windroot leaf

Guild Flags

  • Flagpoles captured by a guild will now display the colors of that guild instead of the faction colors. Town flagpoles and those captured by unguilded players will continue to display faction colors.
  • Guildmates can now access guild hall chest storage from their claimed flagpoles, by selecting ‘buy’ from the flagpole’s description.
  • Item withdrawal fee is based on the number of flagpoles owned by the guild.

Meridian 59 Flagpole

A Giant’s Hollow

  • A new cave has been discovered to the east of Cragged Mountains (south of Tos).
  • This cave contains a strong mutated monster and some useful rewards.


Triggered Invasions

  • A wandering Harbinger has appeared in the world, and can be found in Tos Crypt, Marion Crypt, Castle Victoria and the rat caves near Barloque.
  • The Harbinger seeks a powerful scepter (relic of Qor), as he as found a way to use its power to summon an army of monsters.
  • Enterprising players can abuse the Harbinger’s lust for power, help him summon the monsters and then defeat them for valuable rewards.
  • The number of rewards is based in the number of participants, and the available rewards includes the new super reagents.


Client Changes

  • Light grey background on dialog box images (eg. items/players) has been removed.
  • Decrease client attack delay from 200ms to 100ms (delay between sending attacks to the server).
  • Add a new key repeat delay (100ms) for attacks and text commands (i.e. hotkeys). Allows classic client to attack/cast at the same speed as the Ogre client.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Line of Sight issues in Deep in the Forest of Farol (west of Jasper).
  • Attempting to combine stacks of Jala-created potions (no karma requirement) and found potions (can have karma requirement) will no longer work if either stack has a karma requirement.
  • Jala hinder spells were missing a flag, these spells should now correctly affect allied guilds as well.
  • Fix issues with safety/murder checks in flag combat. Players will no longer accidentally go red on targets they can attack with safety on.
  • King of the Hill flag count errors have been fixed.
  • Prevent Wings of Faith recasting while still active. Cooldown has been reset to normal (1 sec).
  • Fixed a bug allowing cleave to modify a player’s internal attack timer in a way that let them perform another action at the same time as a cleave.
  • Fix Sporeburst’s cooldown not being activated when casting the spell.
  • Fix snowballs sometimes being deleted if attempting to place them into a full chest.
  • Bind health/mana faction regen bonuses to natural max regen. The regen refactor a while back caused these regen bonuses to be added to a player’s natural regen past normal max regen, when the intended (and historical) effect was for the bonuses to increase regen up to the natural max. The max natural regen values are still significantly faster (20%) than 101/102 values.


Notable hotfixes since 2.10 update

  • Fixed a bug preventing Nodeburst potions from activating the spell’s cooldown.
  • 50% price decrease of all reagents (normally available ones).
  • The current contents bulk and total capacity of chests is now displayed in the description.
  • The underworld now has a portal to a player’s guild hall, if one is available. Portal is on the east side of the underworld.
  • Loadout will now attempt to pull items from both guild halls and vaults. The scroll will first attempt to get an item from the guild hall chest and if the item is not present, the vault will be checked too. The rules for which vault is used (mainland/island) are the same as for conveyance.
  • Spectators in arenas will always see invisible combatants as if they had Detect Invisible up.
  • Added two new mask types for Halloween – pumpkin mask and plague doctor mask.

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