Patch 2.10


General Changes

  • Add new consistent sounds for missed, blocked, dodged and parried attacks. These sounds now play at their proper origin (the location of the target).
  • Match defensive descriptions (blocked, missed etc.) to what the attacker and defender are actually doing, vs. using a random description.
  • The mollusk map in the forest of Farol has been renamed from ‘Deep in the Forest of Farol’ to ‘Farol Grove’.
  • The forest of Farol map south from Marion now has centipedes instead of living trees.
  • Added a ‘newbie chest’ outside the Mausoleum in Raza for kind players to leave loot for newbies. Also serves to draw the attention of newbies to the Mausoleum.
  • Shadow mummy in Raza Mausoleum is now stronger (level 45 up from 35).
  • Jewel of Froz no longer drops from Raza Mausoleum
  • intended to make keys a bit more valuable.
  • Raza innkeeper now sells pants.
  • Increased the size of Izzio a small amount.
  • Signs in Raza updated with more information for newbies.
  • Newbies start with slightly better items in Raza.
  • Inky-cap drops increased on groundworm queens, tusked and daemon skeletons.
  • Wulfgang zax’Ak at the Trading Post on the island will now sell Inky-cap mushrooms for 800sh each, and no longer sells normal mushrooms.
  • Easter eggs now give less resources:
    – health egg gives 20 health, down from 30
    – mana egg gives 30 mana, down from 40
    – vigor egg gives 60 vigor, down from 80
  • All weapons and touch spells have had their range increased by 1 (except short sword, which remains at range 3 to differentiate it from fencing weapons).
  • Add a new spell to Shal’ille level 6: Wings of Faith. The spell lasts for 5-8 seconds, has a cooldown of 40 seconds, and absorbs up to 50 HP damage while active. The enchantment is removed when the time runs out, or the caster takes > 50HP damage. The spell also confers a movement speed boost while active. Can be purchased from Priestess Xiana.
  • Limit the number of zombies that can be spawned by the ghost of Far’nohl to 16.
  • Riija sword quests now respawn with 100% chance (no more waiting!).
  • King’s Way now has 3x the number of spawn points, which will reduce the number of times a frog will spawn at a particular spawn point. This might be a controversial change, but the way the map worked previously provided too much incentive for botting/AFK killing. We do want building to be fairly quick overall, but it should require at least some interaction from the player.
  • Lupogg King now drops a minimum of 6 items when killed, and will also now drop yellow mushrooms.


Client Changes

  • Add a new effect for dodging an attack (classic client only) and a new effect for parrying (both clients).
  • Increase projectile speed for arrows and thrown weapons.
  • Add additional chat colors, and adjust existing ones.

Meridian 59 chat colors

  • Renamed certain menu items in classic client to be more specific:
    – Preferences > Gameplay Settings
    – Graphics > Visual Settings
    – Configuration > Key Bindings / Mouse


Flagpole Wars

  • Flagpole combat has always been somewhat lackluster, so guild PvP has been intertwined with the flagpole system.
  • Flagpoles now display the name of the conquering player and their guild.
  • For each flagpole conquered, every member of the conquering guild will receive an extra 4 training points with their daily bonus.
  • While a flagpole is being captured, guild vs guild and faction combat is open without legal consequences (i.e. no outlaw/murderer penalties).
  • Leaderboard signs for the guilds with the most territory have been placed in The Guildmaster’s Hall in South Barloque, and at each faction liege.


Giving a Lift

  • Players can now offer a ‘lift’ to another player, if the offering player is standing on a higher platform (e.g. the jump to Castle Victoria, or the ledge leading out from Brax in Cragged Mountains).
  • A player can offer the lift by pressing the ‘space’ key (or whichever key is assigned to opening doors), and the recipient can accept the lift using the same key.
  • Opening doors takes precedence over giving and receiving lifts, if one is present nearby.
  • Lift offering obeys safety rules – you can’t lift players if you can attack them, and players who cannot PvP can’t lift players who’ve engaged in PvP recently.
  • Lifting in guild halls works between any two members of the guild which owns the hall, or any two players unaffiliated with the guild owning the hall.
  • Players who are morphed or holding a token cannot be lifted, or offer lifts.
  • Lifting requires line of sight and for the two players to be within 1 player height of each other.
  • Followers and mercenaries (see below) can be lifted in the same way as players.


Food Rebalancing

  • Various foods have had their properties adjusted as listed below. Note that ‘filling’ is the amount the food fills the player up (empty stomach allows for 100 filling units), and nutrition is the amount of vigor gained upon consumption:
  • Apple has 5 bulk/weight (down from 6) and 15 filling (down from 24).
  • Bread has 30 filling (down from 40) and 30 nutrition (up from 20). Bread also has a new graphic.
  • Cheese has 35 nutrition (up from 30).
  • Drumsticks have 25 filling (down from 30) and 20 nutrition (up from 9).
  • Goblet of ale has 5 filling (down from 10) and 12 nutrition (up from 3).
  • Mug of brew has 4 filling (down from 10) and 15 nutrition (up from 3).
  • Goblet of wine has 15 bulk (up from 12), 6 filling (down from 8) and 15 nutrition (up from 6).
  • Grapes have 5 bulk/weight (down from 7), 12 filling (down from 16) and 15 nutrition (up from 7).
  • Copper pekonch mugs have 4 filling (down from 10) and 12 nutrition (up from 3).
  • Meat pies have 40 filling (down from 50) and 50 nutrition (up from 30).
  • Mug of stout has 4 filling (down from 8) and 12 nutrition (up from 6).
  • Orange has 6 bulk/weight (down from 10 & 7), 15 filling (down from 25) and 12 nutrition (up from 11).
  • Pear has 6 bulk/weight (down from 10 & 7), 16 filling (down from 25) and 13 nutrition (up from 11).
  • Pork has 15 nutrition (up from 9).
  • Soup has 25 filling (up from 20) and 25 nutrition (up from 9).
  • Spider eyes have 12 nutrition (up from 9).
  • Stew has 20 filling (down from 25) and 20 nutrition (up from 15).
  • Telo fruit has 6 bulk/weight (up from 4), and 20 filling (down from 25).
  • Turkey leg has 30 filling (up from 20) and 20 nutrition (up from 15).
  • Waterskin has 5 filling (down from 6).
  • Cookies now bestow the Haste buff when eaten.


Guild Hall Upgrades

  • All guild halls now have a wooden chest in their foyer.
  • Added a new spell, Transference, which can be used by guilded players to teleport stackable items to their hall’s foyer chest. Casting the spell requires shillings.
  • A new NPC can be found in each guild hall. Players can purchase objects from this NPC which can be placed around the guild hall (similar to rentable room object placement). Saying ‘help’ to this NPC will show a list of available commands and instructions on how objects can be obtained for the guild hall.
  • Players must be in the top two ranks of the guild (i.e. guildmaster or officer) to place and modify hall objects.
  • All objects that can be placed are ‘passable’, and can’t be used to block the hall entrance or other areas.
  • The placeable items include ‘spell totems’, which are items that can cast a spell on a player by using them. To enable the items to cast the spell, the players must first stock it with reagents for that spell.

  • Also available is a new ‘cooking pot’ object, described below.
  • Set and loadout scrolls are now purchased from the new guild hall NPC, rather than from inns.


Cooking Pot

  • Cooking pots are new room objects which can be placed in guild halls.
  • These cooking pots allow players to offer specific items, and receive a ‘cooked’ item in return. The cooked items available include a few existing items (e.g. loaf of bread) but mostly new items (including one very interesting one!).
  • Cooking recipes can be found on any monster with a 1 in 4000 chance. They describe what is required to obtain a specific item from the cooking pot, but the recipe itself isn’t needed in the cooking process.
  • Players must be guilded to have a chance at finding a cooking recipe, as for now the cooking pot is only available in guild halls.


Followers and Mercenaries

Followers are permanent mercenaries that work just like friendly faction soldiers. In contrast to soldiers, however, they stick with you through thick and thin – even through death and zone lines! Entirely dedicated to you and your success as an adventurer, followers will keep track of your quests, offer advice and information to new players, support you in combat and even help you out with pulling levers! As you grow in strength, your follower will grow with you, learning new spells along the way. And did we mention that you can outfit your follower with gear to your heart’s content?

  • New players will automatically be chatted up by a follower upon entering the game.
  • Veterans can acquire a follower by purchasing a mercenary contract from Cylill.
  • Followers and mercenaries will have a golden dot with an outline on the minimap.
  • Followers will talk about various things they encounter
  • monsters, specific zones when the player is near them (in Raza), quest targets and more.
  • Mercenaries purchased from contracts come in 5 types: bard, priest, warlock, warrior and wizard. Each type has specific starting items and stats, and casts different spells as they level up.
  • They will help you kill monsters, but won’t involve themselves in PvP.
  • If your follower or mercenary dies or otherwise disappears, you can find them in the nearest inn.


Bug Fixes

  • Players who are in the middle of a ‘kill monster’ quest when the server updates will now have the same type of monster to kill after the update, rather than a random monster from those available for the quest.
  • Fix classic client crashes caused by invalid palette translations.
  • Fixed some graphical effects not lasting the correct amount of time if the player logs in with the effect active (dazzle, blind, vertigo etc).
  • Killing multiple monsters with cleave or ice nova now grants the correct amount of XP.
  • Players will no longer be incorrectly teleported out of the Necromancer’s lair in Brax.
  • Fix players keeping a movement speed bonus from an item if it breaks while worn.


Notable hotfixes since last update

  • Rat King health lowered by 28%, and poison chance lowered from 25% to 18%.
  • Rat soldier health lowered by 25%, and poison chance lowered from 15% to 10%.
  • Dusk rat poison chance lowered from 17% to 14%.
  • Rat soldiers now have a 5% chance to drop a resist poison potion.
  • Qormas presents will show up as a star on the minimap for the recipient
  • mainly useful in Marion Inn, which has two Qormas trees.
  • Morph and Illusionary Form are now recastable, and will also overwrite each other.
  • Conveyance and Phase can now be improved using Meditate and training points.
  • Changed guild shield selection so that multiple guilds can have a full-color (e.g. green/green) shield, as long as the shield shape is different. This is how two-color shields work, and lessens the ability of a small number of players monopolising multiple full-color shields via multiple guilds.
  • The Truce spell has been re-enabled, and currently works like the original version (blocks all combat for all players & mobs).
  • Killing Fields now blocks Truce from being cast, and casting Killing Fields will remove any Truce enchantment from the room.
  • Evil Twins no longer phase when their original phases, instead they are removed and respawned when the target phases back in.
  • Fix mobs spawning inside walls in East Merchant Way Through Ilerian Woods & The Fey’s Crossing.
  • Made it easier to get through the north-facing door from CN Adv Hall to Cor Noth.
  • Fixed a bug with revenant aggro that caused more monsters to aggro on a player after fighting the revenant.
  • Players who log or phase while invisible will now have clickable/inspectable logoff/phase ghosts.
  • Phase and spectate ghosts will no longer block movement and cause rubber-banding.
  • The Ogre client now has a ‘Brightness’ slider in the Options UI (Engine section). The lowest setting is the current light level in the Ogre client, and players can raise it if they find this too dark.
  • The ghost of Far’nohl can now be respawned by phasing out/in.
  • Players who have opted out of PvP, or have a guardian angel (temporary or under 50HP) will not be able to attack bramble walls created by players. Also, players who are unable to be attacked in towns will not be able to hit bramble walls in towns.

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