Patch 2.12

Ogre revamped duke map

General Changes

Game world adjustments

  • Some rooms around the Tos-Barloque area have experienced some slight adjustments for future content.
  • Banking and vault services have been added to Raza.
  • Several QoL improvements have been made to the Riija temple.
    • Walking across the bridge no longer kills followers and minions.
    • Items dropped on the bridge due to a player falling off now get teleported to the start of the bridge (note that this does NOT apply to manually-dropped items).
    • Players falling off the bridge will now set the room dispose timer to 20 minutes, giving them time to come back to get their item.
    • Falling off the bridge will no longer cause undroppable items (bonded, Riija sword, reagent bag etc) to drop.
    • Riija monk will no longer spam the player about buying seduce.
  • The narrow hallway in Ruins of Castle Brax is now wider, and texture alignment in this room has been improved.

Quality of life improvements

  • Restarting a character via suicide will no longer restrict the amount of starting items, since suicides are themselves restricted by time anyway.
  • New players with a karma school now start with 25/-25 karma instead of 20/-20 to allow for mistakes.
  • Players are now warned when they kill mobs with the same karma as them if they have Shal’ille/Qor spells.
  • Magical rings that are unidentified now have the name “unidentified magical ring” to make it more clear they should be identified/revealed.
  • Players will get a sound & text warning when an item they are using is about to break
  • Players will receive a sound and chat message when they gain a spell/skill improvement that allows them to buy the next level.
  • The required spell/skill percentage to obtain the next level can be seen in the description of the current level of spells/skills.
  • Faction lieges now offer a ‘Resign Faction’ quest so players can resign faction easily when no tokens or soldiers are available.
  • Groundworm piles now have trimmed height, making them less click-grabby.
  • Items equipped by a player or follower are now marked as ‘in use’ in offer or other item lists.
  • When taking a logoff or phase penalty, the names of items lost (and number if applicable) will be displayed to the user or mailed to them if logged off.
  • Set room dispose timer to 5 minutes when Harbinger dies/escapes so players have time to pick everything up.

Quest related changes

  • Completing a quest will now tell the player what quest rewards they got so they don’t have to guess if they got some stackable item they already had in their inventory. If a follower is present, they will also comment on quest rewards.
  • Changed all ‘show-up’ type quests to now require a speech trigger, so asking an NPC about something unrelated (e.g. saying a spell name) won’t trigger a quest. These quests have generic triggers (‘hello’, ‘quest’) or can be obtained via the NPC’s quest UI.
  • Quests now give XP and TP rewards based on duration and difficulty.
  • Cleave/slay a rat king quest description is now more informative.

Ranged Spell changes

  • Bait range is now halved, to a max of 16 row/col units (from Streets of Tos main gate exit to just beyond the fountain).
  • Final Rites range lowered from full-screen to 12 row/col units.
  • Flash range lowered from full-screen to 28 row/col units.
  • Flash now requires line of sight to hit the target(s).
  • When casting Flash on players: it will always attempt to disrupt any trances maintained by the targets, as opposed to before where it had a % chance to disrupt. It will subtract ‘disruption points’ from the target’s trances or concentrations, which can cause them to be interrupted. Distance from the target accounts for 1/3 of the disruption, spellpower accounts for 1/3, and the spell’s base disruption of 33 ‘points’ (with 100 being max).
  • When casting Flash on monsters: disruption points work the same as before, with a maximum bound of 75 (i.e. monsters get a chance to ignore it).
  • All ranges for the above spells now take height into account.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Some additional mob generators have been added to several rooms to discourage botting.
  • Wearing a disciple robe at level 6 will now also equip a headband of the same color to distinguish it from level 5.
  • Fey projectiles are now displayed at the right height and a bit smaller.
  • Weapon ranges have been set back to defaults: maces, hammers, short swords, scimitars and daggers have range 2, axe has range 2.5 (up from 2 default), long swords, mystic swords, nerudite swords, gold swords and sword of Riija have range 3.
  • Cheap, lightweight items (for now, spell splitters & inscription items like ballots) no longer drop in item penalties. More items can be excluded from penalties live if needed.
  • Monsters will no longer take naps mid combat and enjoy continuous regeneration in combat instead. They will, however, still suffer from decreased health regeneration while their vigor is low.

Follower Upgrades

  • Followers now act as mobile storage, meaning you can use them to store a small amount of items in addition to their equipment.
    • In classic client, click the ‘Items’ button in the follower’s description dialog box to access their items. The new client hotkey for ‘Activate/Items’ will also do this. Use the new hotkey ‘Put’ to give them any items (offer will only give them equipment to equip).
    • In ogre client, use the ‘Items’ option in the target window once you have highlighted/selected the follower. Items can be dragged from your inventory into this window give them to the follower, and removed by selecting them and clicking ‘Get’.

Ogre client target window

  • Follower crowd control abilities have been adjusted based on player feedback.
    • Frighten has been replaced by a blind effect.
    • Holy Symbol has been replaced with light.
  • Followers will now speed up and slow down depending on distance to their leader, allowing them to catch up more quickly while being less hectic around players.
  • Followers can now be told to stay out of combat or to hold their position to allow players more control over their sidekicks.
  • Followers can now be called to the player’s side in case they get lost and told to attack a specific target (see new skills).
  • Any accidental swings against a follower will now automatically be made at their target instead.
  • Any targets killed by the follower can now be autolooted by their leader.
  • Gear worn by followers (and other humanoids) will no longer take damage.
  • Followers (and other humanoids) now have their attack ranges reverted to regular levels.

Combat Related Changes

Attack swings, feinting and active defenses

  • Any regular attacks (melee, ranged & touch) now have an actual windup period before impact. This results in game mechanics that are actually consistent with attack animations and impact sounds and opens up a whole new dimension of tactical combat involving active plays and counterplays.
  • Attacks may now be parried, blocked and dodged by walking (SHIFT held) towards the attacker, away from the attacker or sidestepping the attack. Each of the three defensive skills comes with its own risk vs. reward considerations.
    • An active defense’s success depends on the player’s ability in the respective skill and their timing. While a low ability score may result in a well-timed defense not having any effect, a mistimed defense will leave the defender open to further punishment. On the other hand, successful active defenses will lock the attacker down for a moment, granting the defender a chance to retaliate unopposed.
    • Active defenses can also be used against monsters and may be the key to overcoming certain challenges. But stay on your guard: stronger monsters may have more erratic attack patterns than your average giant rat and leave you fumbling your defense.
  • Attackers may feint attacks by hitting SPACE during windup, resulting in an interrupted attack that may trick the enemy into attempting an active defense.
  • Interrupting ability trances is now handled in a much more consistent and clean manner internally, giving players the opportunity to play around the mechanic skillfully.

Stat based weapon strokes

  • Melee weapons now use different weapon strokes (slash, thrust, strike, stab) depending on how they are wielded.
    • Most swords use the skill thrust (requisite state: aim).
    • Maces, axes and hammers are based on the skill strike (requisite stat: might).
    • Scimitars as well as the Sword of Riija use slash (requisite stat: agility).
    • Knives and daggers use the skill stab, which requires both high agility and aim and will see use in the upcoming expansion.

Visual and audio feedback

  • Players and monsters may now suffer a small knockback and display a knockback animation when hit depending on the force of the blow.
  • Various sound enhancement regarding regular attacks, touch attacks, misses and defended attacks have been introduced.

Charged skills and spells

  • Certain skills and spells may now require the user to hold down their respective hotkey to use them. These abilities broadly fall into two categories (or even a mix of them)…
    • abilities that are active for the duration of the charging process and…
    • abilities that have an effect at the end of the charging process (with the effect’s power depending on the duration of the time charged).
  • Almost all of the current spells can be converted to charge spells live.
    • Whether a spell ends up as a charge spell or not will depend on community feedback.
    • Charge type spells can make spells feel more meaningful and satisfying to use while, at the same time, opening up potential counterplays by granting fighters a chance to delay or disrupt the caster by landing hits.
    • Introducing this sort of counterplay allows us to bump up damage on charged spells while still giving fighters a fair shot to close the gap and take the lead when battling pesky mages.
  • The charge framework can be used for various future spell and skill implementations such as…
    • reactive abilities that are triggered when a player is hit during charge time (think counterattacks, reactive damage, damage absorption etc.).
    • channeled spells such as beams that apply a DoT (or HoT) on the target while the ability is maintained or even a bandage skill.
    • dynamically linked abilities such as players boosting other players to allow them to cast more powerful spells.

New skills

  • Unleash (Weaponcraft 5): An active attack whose effect depends on the used weapon. (Time to explore!)
  • Crushing Blows (Weaponcraft 6): A passive skill that increases the warrior’s ability to stagger their opponents when attacking. A staggering blow will interrupt whatever action a battler was attempting to complete, including regular attack swings.
  • Sprint (Weaponcraft 3): A charged skill that allows you to move faster while the hotkey is held. Players will be locked out of sprinting for a brief period of time after sprinting. The skill’s effectiveness (speed, duration and reuse time) heavily depend on a player’s agility and stamina.
  • Mark (Weaponcraft 2): A charged skill that allows a player to mark a target for attack by their follower. A portion of the damage dealt to the target by anyone but the player (including other players) will be applied as an additional DoT. If a player’s follower is absent, marking a target will call them to the player’s side.

Client upgrades

  • New hotkeys in classic client:
    • ctrl-q for ‘Quest’ to open a NPC’s quest UI.
    • ctrl-p for ‘Put’ for putting items into containers.
    • ctrl-a for ‘Activate/Items’, for activating a lever or mana node, or taking items out of a container.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix LoS issues in Western Border of the Twisted Woods.
  • NPCs will now correctly respond that you already have a spell if you say the name of one that you know, rather than saying you are qualified to learn it.
  • Fixed a bug causing nerudite armor to take damage faster than other armors.
  • Fixed some NPC speech triggers that weren’t being picked up by NPCs.
  • Fix unattackable evil twins being created by followers casting on players in the second before being dismissed due to PvP.
  • Fix some self-only personal enchantments (e.g. invisibility) being castable on other players using a modified client
  • Fix some overlay issues with human mob circlets and helmets.
  • Fix guild flagpoles contributing to more than one guild’s flag total (this has been ‘fixed’ on 105 for quite a while by manually resetting the list every so often). The cause was taking a flagpole where the previous capturer had deguilded.
  • Reagent bag contents can now be dropped in logoff penalties.
  • Fix a ‘dead spot’ in Ruins of Castle Brax where the narrow hallway joins the main mob spawn area where players would be unable to hit mobs (very hard to stand exactly on the line where it occurs). Was due to bad coordinate checks which were supposed to differentiate the unjoined parts of the room (i.e. on either side of the door).
  • Attacking oneself with an attack spell (e.g. purge) should no longer trigger the PvP ‘gong’ sound.
  • Final Rites now correctly displays a message if it fails to cast due to no targets.
  • Fix deaths of angeled players due to room effects not displaying a system message. These deaths also now give the correct messages (“You are dead, poor soul” etc) to the player.

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