Patch 1.0.0

Welcome to Server 105!


Meridian 59 Raza


The opening of Server 105 coincides with its first update containing some gameplay changes and much needed additions and removals. There are still quite a few pressing issues in PvP combat however the most urgent were the domination of crowd control and rods, and the ability to remove all of a player’s buffs at once with Purge. Another major problem in the past has been the lack of any economy, due to the ease of obtaining shillings and the bottomless vaults filled via Conveyance. Hopefully these changes begin to address some of the complaints players have had over the past couple of years. For discussion on any of these, please head over to the Server 105 forums.


General Changes


  • Improved room loading/initial room rendering speed.
  • Lowered the delay between attacks on classic client from 1 second to 250ms.
  • Removed GMT hammer, Vampiric hammer, bonk mystic, Justice axe and GMT axe from thrasher chest, replaced with hold hammer, blind hammer, hold mystic, purge nerudite sword and blind axe.
  • Improved server performance 10-20% via changes to the timer and movement checking systems.
  • Added new room, The Adventurer’s Hall of Raza, and remodeled Raza city for future expansion in that area.
  • Added apple trees in Raza which can be used to obtain apples periodically.
  • Music files converted from mp3 to ogg format, making the client download ~20% smaller.
  • Added a mechanism to track items created by Guides/admins, for further accountability.
  • Metal Guild Hall chests can now hold 21000 units, up from 18000, Wooden chests up to 15000 from 12000, and room chests up to 9000 from 3000.
  • Vaults can now hold a max of 100 items, down from 600.

Gameplay Changes


  • Rings of Invisibility now require -50 karma to equip.
  • Reflection has been moved from level 3 Riija to level five.
  • Purge now removes spellpower from buffs instead of removing buffs directly. The amount removed depends on how powerful the buff is, in terms of PvP strength, and the spellpower of Purge.
  • Curse Weapon (level 4 Qor + level 5 Kraanan) is now a targeted PvP spell which can be cast on other players. It lasts 6-11 seconds, and leaves the victim unable to remove their weapon without a remove curse potion or spell.
  • Heal, shield and power rods no longer drop in-game, pending further analysis of whether these items can be balanced or not. (EDIT: heal rods are back in)
  • Shatter has been disabled and can no longer be bought or cast.
  • Added Ice Nova to level 5 Faren to replace Shatter. Deals cold AoE damage within 6 radius of the caster, dealing base 11-18 damage.
  • Blind duration changed from 3-20 seconds to 4-12 seconds, dependent on spellpower. Cast time randomness lowered from 50% to 10%.
  • Dazzle duration lowered from 3-15 seconds to 3-8 seconds, dependent on spellpower and karma (karma accounts for up to 1 second. Randomness raised from 0 to 10%. Pain effect lowered from 8 seconds to 1 second.
  • Eagle eyes reduction of CC lowered from max 50% to 33% reduction (matching free action).
  • Hold duration lowered from 2-6 seconds to 2-5 seconds. Randomness lowered from 50% to 10%, and post-cast timer lowered from 2 to 1 second. Hold now also has a 600ms focus time pending further PvP feedback.
  • Rescue base time lowered from 15 seconds to 5. Random wait time lowered from 5-10 seconds extra to 2-4 seconds.
  • Survival arenas now give slightly less cash per round. Solo arenas start in 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds, and the rest time during a prize (mask) round has been increased from 60 seconds to 90.
  • Stone troll masks added to the survival arena prize list at level 80 (cow mask now at 90). Other masks have been spread more evenly so one drops every 5 rounds from level 10-40, then every 10 rounds to level 100 (at which point the steel torc drops).
  • Daily training point bonus lowered from 200 per day to 50 per day.
  • Resist rings now lose durability when hit with an appropriate element. Resist ring durability increased to compensate.
  • Temporary guardian angel upon being PKed below 100hp (and innocent/unshielded) now lasts 6 hours, up from 3.
  • Might now factors into damage equations – bonus damage from weapon skill is now calculated half on might, and half on requisite stat (all weapons).
  • Resistances on armor and shields has been adjusted across the board. Leather, chain and nerudite armor are weaker, as are gold shields. Plate and scale are stronger, as are orc shields. Most metal items will take slightly more damage from the Heat spell.
  • Cash drops on all skeletons has been lowered.


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