Patch 2.7

Ogre client


This is a smaller update in terms of gameplay/content changes, however we wanted to get all the recent Ogre client changes and improvements out to players as soon as possible. The Ogre client gained some key features that were still missing, notably the ability for users to change their account passwords, as well as a rain weather effect and a wading sound when walking through water.

We also now have a Discord chat server for anyone to come hang out, with channels available for all known Meridian59 servers. We will be adding broadcast integration so those who join the Discord will be able to see in-game broadcasts from servers 105, 112 and 200 and even speak to online players from Discord.

General Changes

  • Reduced the width of faction flagpoles as it was hard to click on any other object near them.
  • User movement in the Classic Client has been rewritten, in the process fixing issues such as rough movement against walls, getting stuck on some corners and occasionally being unable to move if trying to use a portal.
  • Portals now have a smaller activation distance (i.e. less accidental teleports walking past Underworld portals).
  • Portals also no longer switch off briefly between teleporting users/monsters, but each object using the portal has a small cooldown before the same portal will attempt to teleport them (2.5 sec).
  • Provide a fallback mechanism in both clients if UDP transmission fails. This will fix the very rare cases of players being unable to use doors (really, inability to move at all) due to UDP issues presumably caused by incorrectly configured/overly aggressive firewalls (hotfix 2.6.1).


Ogre Client Changes

  • UI: Added ‘Password Change’ feature in Options window, under the ‘Game’ tab.
  • UI: Game settings such as ‘Grouping’, ‘Temporary Angel’ and others are now correctly hidden until logged in.
  • UI: Fixed a bug preventing copy&paste in alias/groups editboxes in Options (only x64 client).
  • UI: Selected text is now correctly removed when text is pasted into editboxes.
  • UI: Aliases can now be assigned to the ActionButtons grid by drag & drop the alias icon from the ‘Alias’ tab of the Options menu.
  • Rendering: Fixed water shader showing incorrect water flow direction for water on walls.
  • Rendering: Implemented ‘Flashing’ object animation (e.g. for detect invisible).
  • Rendering: Fixed ONCE animations (e.g. attacks/casts) not being played while moving.
  • Rendering: Implemented rain weather effect and improved snow weather effect.
  • Rendering: Improved mouseover and target effects.
  • Other: Water wading sound is now played when moving on water sectors.
  • Other: Height differences are now immediately applied for teleports (e.g. casting Blink).
  • Other: Collision detection has been rewritten (based on the new 105/112 server code).
  • Other: Optimized Sound/Music Handling (less RAM required).
  • Other: Set better default for mouse aim speed.
  • Other: Optimized GC handling.
  • Other: Fixed any latency above 1000ms shown incorrectly (client live as of hotfix 2.6.1).


Faction System Changes

  • Chambers of Duke Akardius and Assembly Chamber (Princess’s throne room) are now both safe logoff zones.
  • Vale of Sorrows, Barloque Sewers and Cragged Mountains will no longer spawn tokens. Added in their place are Flatlands, Twisted Woods, Western Forest of Farol, Quilicia Woods and Dark Caves (1st Rat Caves screen coming from the Tos side).
  • Prevent NPC faction soldiers/mages from dropping tokens as it makes token hunting easier for some factions depending on the map (and lore-wise, the soldiers should probably turn the token in themselves) (hotfix 2.6.3).


Bug Fixes

  • With movement code in both clients more closely matching that of the server, rubber-banding for all cases except extreme lag should be fixed.
  • Fixed a potential exploit where players could ignore wall elements such as firewalls. Any user-made move that crosses a wall element at any distance now triggers a check for the wall’s effect.
  • Prevent rare cases of monsters being able to move through some walls.
  • Fixed some issues in the new updater which prevented it working correctly on 32-bit Windows XP.
  • Fixed some graphical errors in Raza when using software renderer in classic client.
  • Fix the honor PvP system not awarding points for a successful log penalty (hotfix 2.6.3).

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