Patch 2.6

Meridian 59 Ogre Client UI

General Changes

  • Switched both clients to use the same updating program. The updater displays more information about the current stage of updating, and downloading the client/updates is much quicker for classic client. The old updaters will no longer work, but logging in with either client will download the new one.
  • Ogre client can now put items inside chests and other containers by dragging the item into the object contents list (i.e. activate the chest and drop the items onto the item list).
  • General improvements to Ogre client movement and animation.
  • Improved handling of player movement speed server-side, allowing adjustments to movement speed via spells and items.
  • Monster pathfinding performance increases.
  • Faction mages now count as valid kills for the soldier shield quest.
  • Priestess Zuxana can now hear everything said in the Temple of Qor so players no longer need to traverse the map to speak to her.
  • Made the ‘stunted dwarf’ quest text a bit more clear.
  • The Reveal and Identify spells now work on shrouded items looted from monsters, and player-created shrouded items will already be identified.
  • Added a new spell – Slow – to replace Silence in Qor level 3. The spell is sold by Miriana and will lower the movement speed of the target by 10-40% for 4-12 seconds (both scaling with spellpower). The spell affects both players and monsters. Any players who had the Silence spell will automatically be given the Slow spell, and Silence will be removed.
  • Magic armor, shields, helms, circlets, gauntlets and disciple robes can now drop with a new attribute boosting movement speed by 2% or 4% (higher level monsters drop the 4% boost items). These items will be quite rare, comprising 5% of magic armor drops.
  • Death Rift improve rate slightly raised.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues with height checking that were causing kriipa to not attack, or to break off attacks at odd times. (hotfix 2.5.1/2)
  • Fixed some issues with the new height checking that were causing rubber-banding in some places. (hotfix 2.5.3)
  • Fixed a (very old) bug causing players to be too full to eat after being offline for a while. (hotfix 2.5.x)
  • Dispel illusion scrolls added to tusked skeleton loot table. (hotfix 2.5.4)
  • Fixed an issue causing Jala spells to not always take effect on nearby players. (hotfix 2.5.4)
  • Removed rubber-banding on hitting walking speed (9 vigor).
  • Prevent players using Ogre client from occasionally getting stuck in the wall when zoning into Marion from the south.
  • Fixed the hidden alcoves in Jasper Adv hall and Jasper tavern, all of which can now be entered.
  • Fixed scrollbar for stats window not extending to the end of the window (classic client).
  • Ogre client will now have more fluid movement on older systems (less slowed/stuttering movement).
  • Fixed an issue with player move checking that could have allowed medium-distance teleporting.

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