Patch 2.2, Ogre Client Update

Ogre Client Changes

  • Increase max zoom out on the minimap.
  • Added more options for tweaking the camera: Collisions On/Off, Adjust Max-Zoom and Max-Pitch limits, Allow better control of camera aiming behavior (e.g. smoothness/delay) by distance and speed bars.

Ogre client camera settings

  • Fix client occasionally being able to move onto building roofs and other normally inaccessible places.

General Changes

  • Add A* pathfinding for monsters and player minions. This means that technically mobs can get to a player from anywhere on the map, but there are some limitations preventing this from always happening. Specifically, mobs will lose interest if they can’t see their target or if the target runs too far away.
  • Added better randomized spawning for monsters to use in screens where set spawn locations cause issues.
  • Widened the steps leading up from the water in the forest mollusk screen (the mollusks can also use them now – be careful!).
  • Seafarer’s Peak no longer has a penalty for casting area effect spells.
  • Lowered distance at which faction soldier NPCs will start helping a player kill monsters.
  • Adjusted the exit points around Tos Adventurer’s Hall door so that the player lands away from the door use area on using the door from either side.
  • Players in an enemy guild with opt-out or temporary angel minimap dots will no longer have an enemy guild ring (ring will return when the temp. angel effect wears off).
  • Rat King and rat soldiers are more dangerous now – will take players to 100 HP (up from 60) and give +60 karma. Rat Kings still have a larger health pool compared to other monsters of the same difficulty.

Rat Caves

  • Added underground caves connecting the Secret Passage under Familiars with the side entrance of the guard tower in Queen’s Way.

Meridian 59 rat caves entry

  • Provides a building area up to 100 HP, with groundworms and rat soldiers.
  • Players who explore deep into the caves will find a dangerous foe, and great rewards for mid-range characters.

Meridian 59 rat caves

Spell Changes

  • The Forget spell will no longer cause players to forget utility spells (Blink, Phase, Conveyance, Meditate). Phase still worked while ‘forgotten’, but the other spells did not.
  • Mark of Dishonor effect duration lowered to 1/3 previous – from 15s base duration + 15s from spellpower to 5s base + 5s from spellpower. This can now be adjusted live if the spell needs further changes.
  • Lullaby no longer affects player-owned minions.
  • Area effect spells cast by players who then logs off or casts phase can now be discorded by anyone with no safety issues.
  • Anti-Magic Aura now gives the caster 5% resistance to CC effects (hold, blind and dazzle). If a spell is successfully resisted, both caster and target will receive a message like with Free Action or Eagle Eyes.
  • Nodeburst now displays a cooldown icon in the player’s enchantment bar after being cast, letting the player know when it can be cast again. Cooldown is 1 hour but requires the player to be online.
  • Spore burst has been reworked – the spell is now instant cast, lasts for 5-10 seconds (5s base, up to 5s from spellpower) and has a 15 second cooldown (with icon).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed misc missing textures and slightly incorrect slopes (i.e. with rendering gaps) in rooms.
  • Fix rare occurrences of monsters walking inside walls.
  • Fixed Guild War news book sometimes not displaying any posts.
  • Fixed radius enchantments not checking distance correctly when first cast.
  • Fixed some double-printing of radius enchantment ‘spell ending’ text.
  • Monsters will no longer become followers of morphed players just because they are morphed into the same type of monster.
  • Fix minions not being able to enter some rooms (notably Marion Crypt 2).
  • Fix blind and hold weapon sounds not playing.
  • Fixed Martyr’s Grace being able to bypass PvP checks to heal players.
  • Fixed NPC faction soldiers casting beneficial spells on phased players.
  • Fixed the second part of the guild shield quest occasionally not being available even if the player completed the first part.

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