Patch 2.3

Meridian 59 Ogre client Cor Noth

General Changes

  • Added an invite chat command to issue a Guild invite from the chat box. Usage is invite playername, and has the same requirements as using the Guild menu (classic) or Actions menu (Ogre).
  • Added more descriptive error messages when character creation fails due to name or description errors.
  • Added UDP support to both clients and the server, and some non-critical data transfer is now handled via UDP.
  • Smoothed out player and monster movement and animation. Movement should also more closely track where the object really is on the server.
  • Reduced the amount of loading required in the client when casting spells that change player graphics, e.g. Detect Invisible. Some players were experiencing a second or two of client freezing, which should now not be noticeable.
  • Reduced the amount of data sent by the server in general for player/mob changes – clients should run smoother on older computers.
  • Added two new chat styles to classic client: ~S will display text as strikethrough, ~L will display as a (non-working) hyperlink (blue, underlined). These styles (and the ~U underline style) are not working yet in the Ogre client.
  • Added more lighting and improved decoration in Streets of Tos.
  • Added a permanent Mana Node quest to all players, which stays in the quest log and will display which nodes they have and which they have yet to meld with. The quest will also display the amount of mana received per node.

  • The spell/skill improvement messages will now show the % the player has in the ability.
  • Gaining unbound energy will now display how much the player has in total, and using it to cast a spell will display how much is left.
  • Killing mobs with double Jewel of Froz equipped will now recharge both JoFs. Each JoF will receive 65% of a full charge, as more damage is done with two equipped.
  • Casting Bait will no longer aggro all minions (reflections, evil twins) in range. Minions of players who can attack the caster can still be aggroed, but with a reduced chance.
  • Detect Good and Detect Evil will now show all good/evil monsters regardless of how low/high the player’s karma is. Previously only monsters with more or less absolute karma would show up (i.e. a player at -50 karma would only detect good mobs if they had 50+ karma).
  • Ogre client will now stop animating water that has been turned to ice. Players using Ogre can now also walk on ice.


Bug Fixes

  • Running multiple classic clients in one map will no longer cause one or more to fail to load the room during a system save (i.e. prevented the black graphics + error dialog box). Also, parts of players should no longer show as black boxes when running more than one client.
  • Fixed the double % in item descriptions in Ogre client.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Guild invites to be given to players anywhere in the game.
  • Classic client will no long draw on top of the Windows Taskbar if the taskbar is locked in place (i.e. at max size, the whole window will be above the taskbar).
  • Fixed monsters spawning behind the city walls at Main Gate of Tos.
  • Using multiple chat style changes (especially italics) in the classic client will now correctly switch between the different styles, where previously it would occasionally stick to one style.
  • Players will now be sent to the character selection screen after suicidng a character, rather than often getting stuck with a black screen and needing to reconnect.
  • Fixed minions of neutral factioned players not being able to attack any faction NPC soldiers.


Hotfixes since Patch 2.2

  • Players who resist a poisoning attempt from a dusk rat will no longer have text and visual effect displayed as if they were poisoned. (2.2.1, 18th Oct 2017)
  • Fix the new Sporeburst failing to cast if the room was already full of wall elements (spore was supposed to be exempt from that count). (2.2.1)
  • Fog clouds generated by the Faren level 1 spell will no longer prevent other wall spells (anything except Fog itself) from casting successfully. (2.2.1)
  • Fix some issues with discording area spells cast by monsters. (2.2.1)
  • Guildmates can no longer attack each others’ minions inside guild halls. Guildmates could already not attack each other, that attack status now works correctly for any minions. (2.2.1)
  • Healing another player will now fail if all damage done to the target is from sources the healer cannot fight. This also applies to helpful buffs. (2.2.2, 5th Nov 2017)
  • Added gold shield, scimitar and mace drops back to thrashers. (2.2.2)
  • Fixed reflections not attacking allied targets (e.g. same faction) in arenas. (2.2.2)
  • Fixed reflection mana drain buff not disappearing when reflection dies. (2.2.2)
  • Reflections will no longer survive the caster’s death from forest shrine acid fog. (2.2.2)
  • Revenants will now be unattackable if the caster phases. They also won’t block movement. (2.2.2)
  • Evil twins will no longer move around if their target is phased. Seduced ETs will stay available as long as caster and original target are online (until Seduce wears off). (2.2.2)
  • Monsters will no longer follow players who appear to be allied due to Illusionary Form. (2.2.2)
  • Fixed instances where a player could drop their own Jala song and not be affected by the same song from another player until they had moved. (2.2.2)
  • Cap poison enchantments at a maximum of 4. (2.2.2)
  • Fix an issue with Purify that was preventing it from removing some debuffs (e.g. Dement). (2.2.3, 17th Nov 2017)
  • Seduce will no longer work on human mobs (e.g. faction soldiers). (2.2.3)
  • Fixed apparitions behaving too much like other minions and attacking targets other than the original intended one. (2.2.4, 19th Nov 2017)
  • Adjusted apparition placement so that they won’t spawn right on top of the target unless there is nowhere else to put them. (2.2.4)
  • Players killed by apparitions will now have their death correctly attributed to the caster of the apparition. (2.2.4)
  • Apparitions captured by Seduce will be deleted when Seduce wears off. (2.2.4)
  • Stopped focus spells with a speech component (e.g. Meditate) from causing Jala spells to drop when the focus spell completes. (2.2.4)

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