Patch 1.5

Ogre client login

Server 105’s patch 1.5 coincides with the latest release of the Ogre 3D client (version

Ogre Client Changes

  • Users can now delete mail from the mail UI.
  • The mail, newsglobe and chat text entry fields will now prevent the user from entering too much text (i.e. text that would be rejected by the server leading to failed posts etc).
  • Objects with editable inscriptions (royal ballots, name change scrolls, books) can now be edited.
  • Users can now select which language to use (English or German) in the Ogre client Options->Gameplay menu. Only some of the UI is translated so far, but the rest of the UI and in-game text will be available in German soon.

General Changes

  • Allow current Justicar to make posts in the Book of Jala in Barloque Court.
  • Moved Underworld blink spot away from the edge of the walkway.
  • Faction NPC soldiers and mages can now drop “special” items (items with attributes, ancient trinkets, lore books and tokens).
  • The temporary guardian angel timer (6 hours) will now pause while the player is offline, so the 6 hours of safety will actually be 6 hours of online time.
  • Players will now receive a free penalty if they log off or phase and haven’t been attacked by (or attacked) another player in the previous 15 minutes.
  • Brax levers now require 50HP to activate to combat unattackable characters preventing activation of the platform.
  • Squelch can now apply to mail and appeals if they are being used as a form of spam.
  • Updated installers to install to AppData rather than Program Files.
  • Added a chest for newbie items to Tos Adventurer’s Hall.
  • Moved Great Ocean flagpole away from mollusk spawn points.
  • Discordance can now be cast with no room enchantments present to work the spell.
  • The client now sends a hash of the in-game text file to the server for comparison on login, and the server will trigger an update for the client if there’s a mismatch. This will fix any issues players have had in the past with outdated in-game text and will allow easier updates on servers 105 and 112. Applies to both classic and Ogre clients.
  • Misc server performance increases.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue causing players to get “stuck” when trying to enter some portals.
  • Fixed the “character destroyer” penalty bug in the scaling penalty system.
  • Phased players will no longer see damage numbers for heat (damage was shown but not applied).
  • Guild hall newsglobes can no longer be read from outside the guildhall.
  • Fixed monsters in boss rooms (OPB lair, Lupogg King lair) not despawning if no users are present.
  • Wryn’s Keep guild hall switch now has a working animation when switched on.
  • Fixed some German translations displaying garbled text.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to create characters with blue hair.

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