Patch 1.4

Meridian 59 Justicar

General Changes

  • Re-added the original Justicar voting system, with a setting to switch it on and off. The Justicar system will be active for the time being, to verify there were no issues created in porting the code from the original codebase.
  • Player’s visible max HP will now change if the user changes their stamina by equipping or unequipping a stamina-changing item, or by changing their stats using the stat reset system (from hotfix 1.3.2).
  • XP is no longer removed by the stat reset system if a player modifies their stamina (from hotfix 1.3.2).
  • Negative stamina mods will now lower max HP while they are in effect (from hotfix 1.3.2).
  • Improved the in-client update process – users just have to choose “Yes” to update, and the rest is done automatically. The file scanning process is also slightly faster.
  • Ogre client now supports the in-client updating process, but users will first have to download the new Ogre client using the Patcher. Future updates will be picked up automatically by the Ogre client, the same as for classic.
  • For guides/bards: added all the DM commands to the help menus, and rewrote the DM system to allow commands to be given more easily to DMs.
  • Changed the Deliverance spell so all DMs can cast it.
  • The “Player just logged in for the first time.” system message is now displayed to all players.
  • Added a “no-exit” period upon Survival Arena creation to prevent spamming the creation and deletion of the arenas. Players cannot exit a newly created Survival Arena for 25 seconds.
  • Removed the “leave public survival” and “leave guild survival” commands, leaving just a single “leave survival” command to exit a Survival Arena.
  • Ancient Trinkets will now display the time remaining in real-life days. This also means all trinkets that drop will last the full 40 days (2 Meridian years) rather than 1 year + any remaining time in the current year. Updated trinket description with instructions on where to take them.
  • Faction NPC troops will now only attack shielded players, due to the large amount of 40-60HP players being killed by them.
  • Apparitions now have half the amount of hit points (10% of the normal monster’s total, down from 20%).
  • Moved the Raza mausoleum levers back to their original places (i.e. the alcoves are less deep). Makes it easier for one player to open the gate if they are fast enough. Added a sign for newbies near the levers explaining their purpose and how to use objects in general.
  • Ogre client light rendering performance improved.
  • Ogre client now uses a single configuration file for both 32- and 64-bit versions of the client. Configuration file is now kept in the client’s parent directory.
  • Misc. performance improvements and German game text translations added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix German text not displaying for some game resources (Armor of Gort description, Justice weapon description and a few others).
  • Fixed an issue with XP bonus items not spawning the highest level of attribute correctly. XP bonus items will now spawn at 10 different levels (depending on difficulty of mob) giving from +2 to +20 bonus XP (from hotfix 1.3.1).
  • Training points and XP are now correctly reset when a player suicides.
  • Being purged with Kara’hol’s Curse active but not having the spell removed will no longer hold the player. Hold effect still occurs if Kara’hol’s is removed.
  • Killing a player holding a token no longer gives XP or skill/spell improvement chances.
  • Fixed some Ogre client crashes for players who had text aliases defined.

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