Patch 1.8, Ogre Update


This patch combines updates to the server with some small updates to the Ogre Client (update The notable addition this update is a new way of casting spells, using ‘unbound energy’ gained from killing monsters. Players can use this energy to cast spells with no reagent cost or fizzles, with increased spellpower (+20) and no mana or vigor cost. This is intended to let players try out and/or use more of their spells while building HP and skills, and worry less about how many reagents they have to carry while building. This may have an effect on the economy and while no drops have been changed yet, it is likely in the near future that reagent/shilling drops will be adjusted accordingly on most or all monsters.

Ogre Client Changes

  • Added some new high-res room textures.
  • Fix some issues with users being stuck on the Welcome screen after quitting the client.
  • Fixed users sometimes staying in game for a short period of time after quitting.
  • Fixed issues exiting Icky Cave and the Temple of Qor.
  • Added ‘balance’ (request bank balance), ‘time’ (request game time/date) and ‘appeal’ (message to DMs) chat commands.
  • Fixed magic items not showing up in a different color in loot lists and item descriptions.


General Changes

  • ┬áMobs that don’t move (bramble wall, living trees) can no longer have Seduce cast on them (hotfix 1.7.7).
  • Disabled the Silence spell pending a rewrite to something more interesting (1.7.7).
  • Groundworm larva spawn removed from Valley of Ileria, which now spawns only fungus beasts (1.7.7).
  • Add optional chat timestamps to classic client. Can be enabled via the Preferences menu (interface section).



  • Classic client will now save chat history if you log out and back in without exiting the client (no chat colors or styles unfortunately).
  • Added some new DM spells to help with events (notably a deliverance touch spell for a variation on the ‘dodge bard’ event).
  • Added kill/death logging for frenzies. Scores can be displayed to players during the frenzy and are printed to a log afterwards.
  • Added a 2 second delay after activating Brax levers before the platform starts moving.
  • Active quests now persist over updates (i.e. if you start the scimitar pupil quest and the server reboots for an update, you will still have your quest progress when the server is back up).
  • Phase/logoff ghost time now regenerates while the player is logged on and outside of a safe zone (which still resets phase time). There is a 5 second delay after logging/phasing back in before time begins regenerating to prevent flashing to gain more phase time.
  • Mad Scientist’s Hut on the island is now a safe zone.
  • Blood Inheritance reagent cost increased, but the spell can now add multiple enchantments on items. Hold/blind/purge items cannot have multiple enchantments, and extra-powerful combinations not anticipated may be removed if necessary.
  • Added the mana steal weapon enchantment as an option for Blood Inheritance.
  • Reduced the number of NPCs randomly telling players about the PvP opt-out option.
  • Added a line of sight check for Ice Nova and Fire Storm attacks, preventing these spells from hitting targets through walls.
  • Misc performance increases and minor non-visible error fixes.


Unbound Energy

  • Players have a new ‘Unbound Energy’ stat bar underneath resistances (may be moved in the future).
  • Unbound Energy is gained by killing monsters, with the amount gained based on monster level, player HP, mysticism and distance from the slain monster.
  • Unbound Energy can be used to cast spells based on their Training Point cost at a 1:1 ratio, so a spell that costs 50 TP to improve will cost 50 energy to cast.
  • No reagent, vigor or mana cost for casting spells with Unbound Energy.
  • Spells cast this way have +20 spellpower and cannot fail (improved imp chance removed in hotfix 1.8.1).
  • Players can store up to 500 Unbound Energy, which begins decaying quite fast 30 seconds after receiving it. Each additional gain resets the timer.
  • The Unbound Energy system replaces the reagent return on kill system.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed CV crate not randomising undershirt color (hotfix 1.7.1).
  • Fixed armor stat bar not redrawing when a player with a Jonas faction shield moves up/down in faction ranking (1.7.1).
  • Fixed quest items with broken descriptions sticking around after some failed quests (1.7.4).
  • Fixed mobs not teleporting in and out of the Tos Arena when fights start or end, and fixed intra-screen mob teleporting issues generally (1.7.7).
  • Fix issues with Killing Fields and Forces of Light on phased/spectated players (1.7.8, 1.7.9).
  • Fixed performance issues (clients lagging) with Ice Nova and Fire Storm spells.
  • Fixed issues with the ‘bard letter’ item used for events (a scroll of parchment that can’t be edited by players).
  • Fixed defense from the Shadow Form spell not updating on room changes.
  • Prevent players holding a token or totem from equipping a shield.
  • Prevent some minions attacking their master if Earthquake is cast, or if they try to attack themselves with a blast spell.
  • Minimap dots now show correctly while phased – previously the red halos around enemies would not be displayed.
  • Mana steal weapon attribute now adds its effect to an item’s info description.
  • Fixed some quests (notably the Moxal and Frisconar ones) breaking over time.
  • Fixed a slope in ‘A notch in the Jungle’ room (outside bow hut) that could trap players, requiring them to blink to get out.
  • Fixed classic client not displaying line breaks in posts and mails originating from Ogre client.
  • Prevent stacks of set and loadout scrolls from being destroyed if a player tries to use one while not guilded.
  • Misc German translations added/fixed.

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