Ogre Client Update (Version

This update of the 3D Ogre client for server 105 and server 112 brings the new client closer to feature parity with the classic client.


  • Fix some names with special characters not showing up in the online players list.
  • Add cleaner error dialog boxes for login errors (UI themed, able to interact with mouse).
  • Add chat commands for ‘dance’, ‘point’ and ‘wave’.
  • Add an ‘Abandon Guild Hall’ button to the Guildmaster tab of the guild UI, allowing the guildmaster of a guild to get rid of the guild’s hall.
  • Non-guildmasters will no longer have tabs in the guild UI for changing the guild’s shield colors or hall functions (setting guildhall password or abandoning the hall).
  • Guild UI now has confirm dialog popups for exiling players, abandoning the hall, leaving or disbanding the guild, or abdicating the guildmaster position to prevent accidentally performing those actions without confirmation.
  • Guildmasters can now purchase guild halls from Frular in South Barloque using the Ogre client:

  • Players using Ogre client can now access the stat change system as in the classic client – offer a trinket to a town elder (Ran er’Hoth in Marion, Afiera D’xor in Jasper, Rodric d’Stane in Raza or the Bone Priestess on Ko’catan Island) to access the UI:

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