Ogre Client Update (Version


The full set of changes are available on the Ogre Client GitHub wiki page.


  • Upgraded to .NET Framework version 4.6.1.
  • Reduced Ogre client executable size and some resource file sizes.
  • Improved room loading times via improved texture loading.
  • Client startup time now much faster.
  • Fixed memory consumption issues with long play sessions.
  • Fixed issues with some uppercase object names drawn incorrectly in two lines.
  • Fixed the demo scene from the login menu not reloading correctly when logging out.
  • Several small performance tweaks.
  • The minimap can now be resized by holding down alt and scrolling the mousewheel on it.
  • Holding down the mouse on the minimap-corners won’t incorrectly drag the map anymore.
  • The minimap objects will be displayed like in classic client now (with inner/outer colors for some objects etc.).
  • Fixed a rare crash issue in ‘Trade’ window if the offered items amount was clicked.
  • Fixed flickering spell, action and inventory object icon when dragged.
  • Fixed issue with black object-names in UI introduced with OgreClient
  • More responsive UI elements (blinking cursor for text-input, animation on hp/mp/vigor changes).
  • New and consistent UI theme (by Morbus), misc UI improvements.


New UI theme

Meridian 59 Ogre client UI


Buy menu

Ogre client buy menu


Resizable mini-map

Ogre client minimap

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