Morph Creatures

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Morph Creatures

Post by Danath » Mon Mar 30, 2020 10:10 pm

Is there a person on the isle where you can learn the names of different mobs to morph into? Or is there a database with this information? I have the common ones people use, but it would be nice to change into other things just for fun, if I knew more of the mobs names
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Re: Morph Creatures

Post by Delerium » Sun Apr 05, 2020 6:39 am

Some of these might not be possible to morph into, but here's the names for most mobs:

Code: Select all

diseased tree: teotezmecya
thrasher: teotixleoc
dusk rat: teotnapyijoa
spectral mummy: kosnapleoc
mollusk creature: kolisith
groundworm queen: koslithic
groundworm larva: imixslithic
groundworm: slithic
black spider: na'arkinich
narthyl worm: tepna'arthyl
giant daemon skeleton: gikochaleoc
daemon skeleton: kochaleoc
tusked skeleton: ha'chaleoc
battered skeleton: cha'oleoc
easter bunny: koixleocbunny
killer bunny: haixleocbunny
bunny: ixleocbunny
dragonfly queen: kohuzotz
dragonfly: huzotz
orc wizard: utomya
shadowbeast: teotkriipa
orc pit boss: koutom
cave orc: utom
avar chieftain: koavar
avar shaman: avarya
avar: avar
fey elhai: kinimixlal
zombie: ixleoc
yeti: tezatzmoch
snow rat: shonapyijoa
stone troll: ha'humoch
troll: humoch
queen spider: kokinich
baby spider: imixkinich
spider: teotkauilkinich
slime: kinachot
giant scorpion: kinkauikinich
mutant ant: kawilkinich
skeleton: chaleoc
orc slave: ikutomca
orc: utomca
lupogg: tez
mummy: napleoc
shadow mummy: teotnapleoc
ice creature: atzmoch
small rat: imixnapyij
rat soldier: napyijca
rat king: konapyijoa
sewer rat: sewapyijoa
giant rat: napyijoa
ghost: far'nohl kotezleoc
fungus beast: puucmecmoch
frogman: yozotz
living tree: tezmecya
guard cow: tanahyijoa
cow: nahyijoa
small centipede: ikpuuckinich
centipede: puuckinich
ant: yokinich
It's possible to find a lot of these through NPC speech on the island, and some can be inferred from the names of others (e.g. the prefix 'ko' means boss or big, so you can add it to some mob names to get the tougher version of that mob).
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