Active Time Event Discussion/Re-regging Guildhall suggestions

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Active Time Event Discussion/Re-regging Guildhall suggestions

Post by PKChrisChan » Thu May 21, 2020 10:23 pm

As per discussed today in the Meridian 59 Unofficial Server. Players were voicing their gripes about repeatedly having to reg their guildhalls. This, in their opinion limited PvP, and forced "chores" onto a select few in these guilds. Players were unsatisfied with the lack of things to -do- after building. This discussion tackles both issues imho.

Some great ideas mentioned were:
Attackable NPCs holding Regs for Players - Taran
Randomized locations with serverwide messages or hotspots for Regs - PKChrisChan (helps with the regging issue, very helpful for veterans PvPers)
Automated Tournaments - Ted
Randomized Automated Events - PKChrisChan
Expanding Quests - Taran
Automated Invasions - Taran
Guild Based Quests - Maikel
Guild Based Land taking - Maikel

Attached the pastebin of the conversations for reference's sake. Feel free to delve deeper into your idea below
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Re: Active Time Event Discussion/Re-regging Guildhall suggestions

Post by PKChrisChan » Thu May 21, 2020 10:38 pm

Randomized Automated Events
The Implementation of this is a spin off of Node attacks.
Explanation: This could range from anything from anything from a challenging invasion of high level soldiers taking over an area to something more complex like a revamped Queen Venyacr boss encounter. The incentive would that there is rewards. A token in which could be traded for super rare items like GGs, Magic/Neru Bows, large sums of regs for guildhalls. This could tie into automated tournaments as well the large reg drops as mentioned in the conversation.

If you wish, I could give you some direct ideas for these events.

Randomized Hotspot locations for Regs:
This is to ease the burden of regging halls and encouraging players to fight outside of towns. Large, bulk bits of regs to directly go to guildhalls after holding a zone for so long.
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Re: Active Time Event Discussion/Re-regging Guildhall suggestions

Post by Such » Fri May 22, 2020 10:27 am

War survival with guild conveyance. As with my other post last year I've tried to frame this to operate as closely as possible to existing coded mechanisms.

"Start War Survival [zone]"
- Open to all members of the same guild plus members of any guild at war
- Remains open to new joiners throughout
- Once joined, players cannot leave except by spell/chalice/phase/log/death. So once PvP started, there's no fleeing without penalty.
- Cannot be ended manually (to prevent e.g. ending when losing). The Survival runs until no players are present.
- PvP deaths are real, PvE deaths as normal in survival.
- *** All conveyance within the War Survival is diverted to hall chest. ***
- Reg drops are flexed by number of war enemies currently logged on [stretch: logged on within past 10 min, say tested every 10 min.] The bonus is +[10/50/100?]% for each logged on, possibly starting at -[50]%.
- There is a server-wide + discord broadcast on creation & every [5] levels completed, stating the guild name, zone chosen (so attacking force not disadvantaged) and level completed (so attacking force knows toughness of mobs to expect).
- Players enter at a random point (use mob spawns?) to prevent firewalling and so on.
- Consider fixed-team option eg: # guildmates currently in survival; an enemy 'joins' then from that point defenders can no longer join; enemies automatically wait until equal # have 'join'-ed, when all are transported in together (possibly a 1-minute timeout if # not reached, to prevent abuse). At that point no further can join from either side until one side is eliminated. Joining then reopens. Or during that time defender+attacker appear in pairs whenever one from each side has 'join'-ed.
- Anti-abuse - produce a short admin report of value of regs conveyed vs level of war activity, review periodically, check IPs etc. if suspicious, penalty (appealable) of deletion of chest contents.

Edit: hopefully goes without saying, but I believe this addresses Del's concerns about guild conveyance because there is still a key exposure to PvP, even if it's now away from the guild halls.

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