Trouble loading Ogre client

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Trouble loading Ogre client

Post by Byshop » Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:55 pm

When trying to run the Ogre client the app crashes at the same point in the load: Legacy resources; CaelumSkyDomeMaterial.
I am running the client on a Mac G5 with Windows 7 running as a virtual machine in Parallels . The classic client runs fine.
Am I missing some file(s) from a previous build?
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Re: Trouble loading Ogre client

Post by Everglow » Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:41 am

Hey Byshop,

sadly we cant give any support with a windows 7 virtual machine on a mac, the ogre-client doesnt support that and we've got no experience how to solve it or possibility to take a look at it.

If you have found a solution, can you tell us how to fix that?
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