Tying Servers (shards) together...

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Tying Servers (shards) together...

Post by Morbus » Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:47 am

Since we do have a bit of an issue with population balance between servers (people always leave the server with less population, making the situation worse > destructive feedback loop).

Meridian59 is based around the idea of the existence of different alternative worlds, or meridians. What if actions and events on one shard (=server) had an effect on the other shards? What if the successful completion of an event on 105 had a positive effect or start a new event on 112 and vice versa? A system like that would make one server actively root for the other and give the population of one server an incentive to take part in the affairs of another server, in an attempt to help out its own best interest.

In its simplest form, this would simply encourage people to have and play an account on both servers, playing wherever their help may be needed at the time. However, the concept could easily be expanded. Here are some ideas:
1) Both servers could have a sort of window into the other world. For instance, there could be an astral globe, that allows them to follow the globe discussions on another server.
2) There could be portals on each server that would allow you to meddle with the affairs on the other. E.g. if 105 has an invasion event, players on 112 could step into the portal and take on the forms of "divine guardians" on 105. As a divine guardian, all you could do is cast "minor heal" and "cure disease" on the players that fight the invasion (but not affect the world in any other way). Depending on how much you helped, you could be rewarded with soul shards on 112 and turn those in for cosmetic enhancements.
3) Even outside of events, there could be astral bonds between two players form different servers, allowing them to accompany each other. Some content could be desgined in specifically that way. For example, one of two levers could only be activated by an astral friend and only if both levers are activated by the player and his astrally bonded friend, a door would open. They could then adventure inside together.
4) More generally, the population on one server could boost the other server. For example the amount of monsters killed on one server could increase the amount of XP the other server gets. Ideally, we could reach a mutually beneficial equilibrum, if a similar amount of monsters are being killed on each side. (Monster ratio worse than 1:4 – less populated server gets a boost of 50%, more populated server gets nothing. Rate of 1:1 – both servers get a boost of 25%.)

Obviously, there are countless other measures that could be implemented. If you have a good idea, post it!
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