Reworking Jala, essentially from scratch.

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What best describes your vision for Jala

I'll use the school as PvP support so the spells should all effect 'Allies' and be less effective solo
I'll use the school to PvP solo
I'll use the school for PvE
Bards should be able to sing/play (cast) multiple songs (spells) at the same time
Bards should only be able to play 1 song at a time
Jala should have an attack spell that deals damage
Some other idea (PM EvilSibhod or reply in thread about it)
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Reworking Jala, essentially from scratch.

Post by EvilSibhod » Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:56 pm

PM me if you have some vision for the school overall that is not listed, and I'll continue to add to the list (up to 10 total)
The ideas are not exactly mutually exclusive.

One idea I was toying with was that rather than having entire 'Songs' as spells, the spells available would be more like 'melodies' or 'chords'. The bard would play (cast) multiple melodies/chords/ect.. in certain orders that yield Songs. The songs would overall have more powerful effects, and very different results than things we have currently in the game. That is as much thought as I have really put into it, so I don't quite have anything specific in mind but it would be along the lines of.. heck the reason bards wrote songs about people was to tell the tale of some epic feat that was performed. Fighting against all odds, coming back from the brink of defeat, and pulling off a miracle ect...
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Re: Reworking Jala, essentially from scratch.

Post by Delerium » Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:57 am

Some parts of Jala are likely salvageable, I'd say Distill, Rejuvenate, Restorate and Invigorate. Mirth and Melancholy are great but too powerful for level 1imo since they effectively give the power of combined KF and FoL. Have a bunch of stuff written down somewhere for Jala spells but most of it is likely unworkable, will dig it all up anyway and post/PM it later.
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Re: Reworking Jala, essentially from scratch.

Post by Takeichi » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:45 am


please don't rework Jala, it's currently fine!

Voted for Other above.

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Re: Reworking Jala, essentially from scratch.

Post by Tegin » Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:59 am

I think Jala is nice maybe some dmg aura is missing but its a nice school. Is it possible to implement something that the musician could choose for whom he will sing? If musician is under 50 hp, opt-out or unguildet in a Town... The positive song effect should work for everyone.

If you are using "guild lute" or amulet and the above mentioned criteria are met it should only work for alliance or guild members.

I don't know if this would make any Sense

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Re: Reworking Jala, essentially from scratch.

Post by HazZy » Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:40 am

We all know the power of Jalas mule usage and we all rely on it. Rejuvenate, restorate, invigorate, mirth and melancholy are so so meta in building a toon now. Bad to take these away since people rely on them and have centered their play style (pve) around them. This is fine ..for now.

Now we look at the non mule side, the complete toon, the end game application of jala, and end game let's just say ... well pvp is the end game for most.

This is where the changes need to happen. And not necessarily from scratch as you say.

What works well now Pvp wise?
1. The idea of direct spell counters is pretty great, BUT, the effect of it is rather weak due to AMA and dement getting the job better. I say, keep the idea, but build on it.

2. Distill. Very great to be able to make buff pots and rescue pots. Having 99 in the spell you're making a pot of also creates incentive and forced school choices which is anti meta.

3. Turning on and off a song. This is very useful, but since the directcounter spells (item number 1) don't that we'll, the turning on and off is really limited to mama convergancestors.

What doesn't work well pvp wise?
1. Range of spell aoe and position check of said caster. AMA can be casted behind fams by someone who can then just run inside, the spell effects the entire screen and it stays there when the player leaves. Same with winds, sandstorm, karma banes, and..spore bursts, and boons like KF, FOL...everything actually. This is definitely a brain storm action items, I don't have the answer I just see it as a problem for sure.

2. Crystalized mana. Not just Is it too OP, it forces a meta aspect to any toon using crystalized mana. Cuz were looking at 6 jala and 5 kraanan as requirements now. That really doesn't leave much room for creativity in stat choices or other school choices.

And this brings up another point I'd like to make about the game in general. Too often, most builds only make sense if u lvl 5 or 6 them. The 6/5/5 and 2 wc mage is one of the few builds that's effective that doesn't follow this norm.

This can be solved by creating spells that utilize x lvl in school 1 and x lvl in school 2 like spirit hammer. Spore burst is another good example, especially, learning qor and faren then dropping faren and having a shal faren toon with spore.

Kraanan to level five is a must, and that's not something. We should focus on fighting at this point. Not worth it. Instead, remove jala 6 as a must kind of like wc 5 is a must is no longer true (wc 3 and or 4) works well.

The other way to solve this, other than combo school spells, is to just think of build synergy. Like, placing spells in certain levels of different schools that work well together. Blind and bow, hold and slash two examples.

Anyway, when changing Jala don't just think of jala in the pve or pvp sense but as the bigger picture. Look for opportunities not just in the school itself, but as the game as a whole.
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