Questions for developers/potential contributors

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Questions for developers/potential contributors

Post by Delerium » Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:02 pm

Looking into ways to make the development process a bit easier, if anyone has the time to answer a few questions it'd be a big help.

1. Do you think git/GitHub makes the process of contributing quite difficult?
2. Are they something that has stopped you from contributing at all at some point?
3. What kind of things have you tried to work around issues with git/GitHub? (e.g. links if you still have them).
4. Has any solution helped significantly?
5. If working with git/GitHub could be made significantly easier (think simplified UI that handles updates/branching for you) would you be more likely to make submissions?

If you don't want to reply in the forums you can also send me a PM with the answers, any info is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Questions for developers/potential contributors

Post by Morbus » Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:12 pm

1) I wouldn't really say that Git is too much of an issue. I guess it is one more issue that can be the straw that breaks the camel's back, but I wouldn't consider it a huge hurdle in and by itself. Your guide does help quite a bit to get started and it is a lot easier these days than it used to be.

2) The only thing that has kept me from contributing is a lack of time caused by an excessive work load from my job really. Apart from that, I'm quite motivated to contribute, especially since our development team is quite sane and open to improvements these days. I really do enjoy the absolute lack of drama these days and the fact that the playerbase is really quite grateful for the work that is being done on the game, especially compared to historical standards. I do believe I'll be able to get some more coding done towards the end of the year.

3) I can't really say that I've tried to work around any issues. It looks like most issues work themselves out when you do it right. :P I did have to reinstall Git Desktop a few times to resolve some errors. Maybe I'm not getting the question though.

4) Again, can't really say much about that.

5) For me personally, probably not really, even though there definitely is a lot of room for improvement. If there was a more streamlined, tailored way to contribute, I'd definitely use it and enjoy it though.
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Re: Questions for developers/potential contributors

Post by EvilSibhod » Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:05 pm

I think you already know my general opinion of git, which is I am much more familiar with SVN, and have not ever really learned anything beyond the very basics of git. Mostly due to the fact that Meridian is the only reason why I would need to use git.

I use TortoiseSVN and TortoiseGit, so the interfaces are extremely similar -

but I don't conceptually know what some of the Git features are doing - like stash / save. I just know that if I forget to checkout a new branch before writing any code it makes me stash all changes. Unless I am missing something obvious for how to do this, I feel like there should be a 'create a new branch and put all the changes in it'.

I'm much more used to being in charge of selecting which files to put in any given commit that I make to the repo, rather than (I think this is how it works) checking out a new branch, making changes to that branch, and having to commit the whole branch?.

As Morbus said, the git tutorial you made is super helpful, but I think the thing it lacks is a 'how to recover if you screwed something up' section.

I know git can be pretty daunting at first, and there has been one point where I was annoyed with multiple branches. I was looking for a specific file that I knew someone had on their branch, but I did not know which one. I think there is probably a way to search all branches on github because it does have a pretty powerful search tool - I just didn't know how, so it was very tedious to find the right branch and check the code that I wanted to look at.

As for how often I try to contribute, you're pretty much aware of my work schedule too. When I'm at home and working in the office, I tend to have a good amount of free time to work on M59 (I'll usually try to do some while I'm eating lunch, as well as work on it in the evening), but if I'm travelling I don't have the time/motivation for much with a work>eat>sleep>work>eat>sleep kind of schedule.
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Re: Questions for developers/potential contributors

Post by Emblem » Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:17 am

1. I obviously didn't have any experience with Git / GitHub prior to using it for the Meridian 59 project. The tutorial for Git and your notes were helpful, but I found it quite annoying to work with different branches and making changes. Even on completely removing online and local files, the changes I made would persist in spite of deleting the repository online, recreating it and using a new one. These issues are really just with me and my lack of experience with it, but I did think it was a turn off as I didn't want to learn Git / GitHub while reacquainting myself with C and the Windows 32 API.

2. Being unsure of how to work with Git really was the main issue - the code base, even in having no familiarity with it, was quite easy to work with - I think within 30 minutes I had fixed two bugs that I had experienced while playing (all actual client issues - scrollbar bounding on the stat box with resizing and a loss of focus on the newsreader leading to globe access from outside proper rooms).

3. Deleting repositories (online and locally), reforking the repository, ...

4. No, but I probably wasn't persistent with it.

5. Yes, but I think an active problem list would be helpful or in the absence of actual problems something that would be goal directed for improvements or game changes. I'm personally more interested in problem issues and the 2D client.
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Re: Questions for developers/potential contributors

Post by Delerium » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:53 pm

Thanks for the answers, much appreciated...

Also, I recently found another git tutorial that goes into a lot of detail and might be helpful than my guide in explaining parts:
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