1 robe for 4 scools or somthing

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1 robe for 4 scools or somthing

Post by Rodrigez » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:44 am

nice to have a robe for caster only
not 4 for qor, faren, shalil,riijar .. :P
1 for all if a caster have 4 scools or somthing :geek:
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Re: 1 robe for 4 scools or somthing

Post by EvilSibhod » Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:29 am

That would be your 'Robes' which gives +10 General spellpower (applies to any spell cast). Now an item that gives a large spellpower bonus to multiple schools exists, but it's the duke soldier shield which comes at the high cost of being attackable everywhere you go, so another item like this would also need to be extremely rare, or not permanent, or come with some cost because being able to fight at max spellpower with a bow in 3 schools is probably over powered.

So to try and eliminate things like that (because I guarantee that players stuck on the karma bower build would immediately turn to that) I would suggest things like an off-hand equip 'Spell Tome' or something that gives random(n,m) spellpower for random(1,5) spells that you possess. It would roll for the spells on pick-up and only based on the spells you have at the time. As for numbers it would do something like - if it is a 1 spell tome that spell gets +50 spellpower, 2 spells get +40 each, 3 -> +30... but then throw in an adjective ('lesser, normal, greater' kind of thing) for a multiplier so the super rare one could give 5 spells something like +25 spellpower, or 1 spell + 99 spellpower kinda thing.
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Re: 1 robe for 4 scools or somthing

Post by HazZy » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:19 am

Or you can just keep it skill based.


Riija 6 Kraa 6 Wc 5 Shal 5 Jonas shielded, 40 myst (45 with rose)

cast riija spells? equip riija sword + robe (youll hit 99 with that 50 int)

cast shal spells? shally robe + ivy circlet + mace (you should be hitting 99 spell power most of the time)

cast kraa spells? kraa robe + kraanan herald + mace. (should be hitting 99 spellpower most of time)

It's give or take. Some people will say that they can't carry various pieces of armor and robes. well, thats the point, you gotta pick what u want, for the playstyle,or for your strategy against specific opponents.

BTW - swapping to these different sets of robes + x + y and then to armor, and cycling resist rings, weapons etc. can all be done very easily with ogre. its amazing how quickly you can swap gear n get a spell off n immediately swap to a weapon n attack. most of the time, you don't even have to be THAT quick since theres a global cool down for certain spells anyway.

Ogre client has brought a whole new layer of skill to the game that's always potentially existed, but was a pain in the ass to cycle thru inventory n double click shit. Hot keys dominate pvp games, those who don't use them will always lose to a skilled, seasoned player who does.

If you play duke because you want +15 general, that's still not a bad though, because then you can carry different sets of weapons / armor instead. or, if you role a mage like i do, with 1 might, 1 wc, 50 agility... qor/riija/kraa/faren/wc(2), duke is giving bonus to 3 of schools in addition to 15 general spell power, so i only carry one robe and a herald for certain schools depending on shrines etc.
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