Replacing Healing Rods

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Replacing Healing Rods

Post by Ashur » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:21 pm

Healing rods are kind of bad, both in PvP and PvE.

A player can carry up to 5 of them which each have a maximum of 5 charges that heal an average of 6 hitpoints. That's an average of 150 HP restored, which is a) a lot, especially in PvP, and b) requires them to click the items or hotkeys 25 times, which is silly. I suggest we replace them with potions, which could work like this:

- Add 2 kinds of potions to the game, health and mana, which work similar to healing rods.
- Players can carry only two of them (2 of one type or 1 of each), with 5 charges each, refilled by killing either monsters as with the healing rods or by some other means.
- Using such a potion consumes all charges and instantly gives a player 5% of max mana/health per charge.

For a fully built character with say 140 hitpoints and 100 mana that'd be 35 health and 25 mana restored, or 70 health / 50 mana if they choose carry two potions of the same type. The healing is less than half than what a full set of healing rods would give right now but instant, making it more balanced overall.

The system would have other advantages as well, such as making stronger or weaker potions with a variable amount of charges available as rare loot or adding completely new kinds of potions. Players in PvE would have an emergency heal available, as even spamming healing rods right now barely offsets the damage per second done by stronger monsters.
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Re: Replacing Healing Rods

Post by Tegin » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:56 am

Sounds really good. Lets have a new Alchemy school :)
There are so many possibillities to make this game more complex.
The problem with such a strong potion is that there will be pack mules which carry these and will be swapped as soon as they were used.
Set each kind of potion on a timer so that e.g. Health potions are useable every few minutes or so by char xy.

Same mechanic as you are too full to eat?
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