Justice System Proposal

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Justice System Proposal

Post by Sha'Krune » Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:38 am

This is a proposal for a new justice system.

a) The "Justicar" (single player) will be replaced by "The High Justice Council" (up to 5 players/seats)
b) The members of "The High Justice Council" will be elected democratically and periodically
c) A single player can hold up to 5 seats at once (based on % of his/her votes, see below)
d) Each seat in the council grants the right to pardon someone

a) 20% of the votes represent one seat in "The High Justice Council"
b) Candidates with less than 20% of votes will get nothing
c) A candidate with 20% will get 1 seat and 1 pardon
d) A candidate with 40% will hold 2 council seats and hence will be allowed to assign 2 pardons
e) The minimum of votes to process an election at all must be somewhere between 5 and 100 (based on server population)

The old system is a winner-takes-it-all-concept without even a runoff.
This can produce quite unfair situations, e.g. a small majority exploiting 100% of the power over long periods.
The proposed system will share the pardons between two major sides and it will further allow a third (or even 4th/5th) party to participate in the system.
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