Quick refresher, bring me up to speed pls

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Quick refresher, bring me up to speed pls

Post by Kazza2ud » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:55 am

Hi sorry but I haven't played in about a year or 2. The last changes I remember were like shally minor heal being made reagent-free. I'll read up on patch notes but if someone could give me a quick rundown on the various servers and major differences it would be very helpful. As in, do 101/102 still exist? I played on 105 before. Have there been any new servers or any merges? How is population? Is there anything else I should know? Thanks guys and I apologize if this information is posted elsewhere.
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Re: Quick refresher, bring me up to speed pls

Post by Morbus » Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:50 pm

Hey mate and glad to have you back!

Last time I checked, 101 and 102 were still going. 101 and 102 still run the classic version and haven't really had any updates in a long time. No displayed damage numbers, no quality of life improvements, no nothing really.

103 is now run by Gar. Delerium as well as the rest of our team have pretty much entirely cut ties with 103, so we can't comment much on its development. Gar has taken quite a few changes and improvements from 105 and applied them to 103 when he returned though. At the same time, he has introduced quite a few changes to shape the game to his liking, such as the new banditry school and a reincarnation system. You can read up on it on 103's website. Also - I'm not sure how to say this without sounding like a manipulative prick - I'd make sure my PC has good malware protection when frequenting 103 and its related websites. For instance, openmeridian.org has malicious popups now.

This leaves us with our team's official servers, 105 and 112. 105 is the US based server, while 112 is located in Germany. 112 tends to have three to four times as many active players and most American players tend to play on 112, simply because of the higher population. Both servers carry the latest patches and updates.

For a full list of all updates of server 105 and 112: Updates

There is really too much stuff to list. I guess for the player, the most notable changes are:
- Mobs attack based on proximity, cast more stuff and are smarter.
- You can use unbound energy, a quickly decaying, temporary resource that you gain when killing mobs, to cast spells for free, allowing you to use your spells in PvE without worrying about reagents.
- We have several new awesome maps and encounters. (Raza joined to mainland, a new mini dungeon in Brax, a new home for mollusk creatures, a new arena in Tos, reworked East Tos and Cor Noth and more!)
- We have a few new and a few changed spells and skills (Mark of Dishonor, Second Wind, Holy Blaze, Martyr's Grace, AMA and many others).
- You can reset your stats by handing in a rare drop "ancient trinket" to one of the elders.
- Resource regeneration and decay is now mostly smooth (poison, reflections, jala songs).
- Several new over time effects for resources, such as bleeding and other drains.
- You can opt out of PvP entirely now.
- Loads of improvements for the ogre client!
- Loads of behind the scenes improvements and stability/performance enhancements.
- lots more...

I may have missed some super important stuff. Sorry in case I did.

Hope that helps!
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