Opt-out PvP vs. guild/shield-only PvP

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Opt-out PvP vs. guild/shield-only PvP

Post by Delerium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:48 am

So with patch 1.7 on 105 we now have a way for players to opt-out of PvP, a permanent per-character setting which prevents them getting attacked or attacking anyone. This is intended to replace the guild-only PvP setting (essentially opt-in) which prevents everyone who isn't guilded, shielded or orange/red from attacking or being attacked.

It's too early to tell if the opt-out option is better than the opt-in one, but we should start the discussion on it anyway. Which one do people prefer, and why? Would especially like to hear from players who are going to use an opt-out feature, whatever form it takes.
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Re: Opt-out PvP vs. guild/shield-only PvP

Post by Cottontail » Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:58 am

My 2cents

I think you are going the wrong way with the opt-out of pvp. The better solution, imo, is to encourage pvp.

The PvE content in meridian can most definitely be fun, but the reason many (if not most) players come back to meridian 59 is for the pvp. M59 PvP offers some of the most exciting PvP because there is actually risk.

One of the major problems, is getting fully built players out of the inn, (I think more reward vs the risk, would encourage many of players) this applies to both starting/fighting in guild wars, and hunting RPKers. This is why the servers eventually die out, if nothing exciting is going on, sitting in a inn gets pretty boring.

The above problem is not the easiest to deal with, but my suggestion on how to fix this problem, is to encourage White Named pvp by offering unique rewards. If there is unique items offered through PvP, it gives a reason for those fully built players (who have almost everything) to get out of the inn and battle. I think the easiest way at first to reward the players would be to have the bards/guides assist with this.

For RPK'ers post weekly bounties/rewards for killing them
For Guild Wars, reward both guilds taking part, maybe some kind of point system
For Faction Shield combat, same kind of thing.

With exciting end game rewards, more players will be active, and more action will take place.
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Re: Opt-out PvP vs. guild/shield-only PvP

Post by Superguy » Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:56 am

I'm just now finding and checking out the server and I would have to vote for the first option, or the way that it sounds like you've had the server with the opt-in option. I would much rather anyone not guilded be un-attackable and have the choice of opting in to PvP by joining a guild. Much better system than players having to permanently opt out.
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Re: Opt-out PvP vs. guild/shield-only PvP

Post by EvilSibhod » Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:12 am

To clarify, the current system of opting out of PvP, is a per Character choice. You have 3 character slots per account, and the choice to opt out on one of those characters does not effect the other 2.

At the heart of it, this system is to allow players the option of learning how to build a toon, learning their way around the game (the controls and the world), without the potential interference of being attacked by other players. You are also still able to enter the arena and learn tactics / develop skills for PvP with a toon that has opted out.
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Re: Opt-out PvP vs. guild/shield-only PvP

Post by Berry420 » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:48 am

im new to this server but i think giving players the chance to become non-combatant and just go on leave if they want is a very very decision.
games that are focused around pvp should encourage it and not give carebears a chance,..

this type of decision killed alooot of good mmo's :(

but i still like this server :D
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Re: Opt-out PvP vs. guild/shield-only PvP

Post by Sephraem » Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:11 am

I might sound whiny or like a girl (*checks, still finds boobs and not moobs*), but I just want to throw this out there.

I found Meridian 59 back when it was on Skotos.net (I think it was .net), however, they had it where you could play for a month, then you had to pay to keep playing :roll: :evil: I, for some unearthly reason, search for the game online and find that it's back, open source, and free to play. Great and wonderful. However, the minute I get over the threshhold of noob status, I get murdered by another player- and I had no idea that was even possible, considering when I used to play, either that wasn't a thing, or everyone just... didn't do that... or set up ten bloody alts and murder everyone for shits and giggles.

I like the idea of opting out, mainly for two reasons: 1) Some people are just not into that sort of thing, rather just a relaxing game of PvE, beating up on NPC guards and doing quest stuffs (yes, even dealing with a hypochondriac who should realize if he was always coming down with something, he'd be dead 100 times over and then some). The second is where I come in. I hadn't played M59 in many, many years. It wasn't something I wanted shoved down my face right away. The ability to have the choice per character and not per account is perfect, because if and when I start up a second character, the first person I'm hunting down is Judere... JUST TO GIVE YOU A HUG I SWEAR :mrgreen:
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