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Testing on 106

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:50 am
by Delerium
We are opening our test server up to players interested in seeing and testing out new changes before they arrive on 105 and 112. All content and changes that we put into updates first get loaded onto 106 where developers then try them out and hunt down any remaining bugs, so over the course of an update cycle 106 gets more and more changes until we have a concrete update ready for the production servers. This means that sometimes content on 106 will be a little buggy, or sometimes things that get tested on 106 won't end up in the update at all (or in a very changed state) so if you see something you very much dislike, don't panic!

Logging on to 106
To log onto 106 you first need a server 105 account, as all accounts on 106 are taken from the 105 savegame when 106 is rebuilt with new changes (it does not have a savegame of its own). This also means 106 must be rebuilt to pick up any new accounts, so if you are unable to log in with a new account please ask me, Arantis or Morbus to rebuild the server for you. Next, create a copy of your 105 client which is usually in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Open Meridian\Meridian 105\ (easiest way is to make a Meridian 106 in the Open Meridian\ folder, then create a shortcut on your desktop to the meridian.exe from that folder). Then change the '105' to '106' in the client's login window and connect. Any new changes on 106 will be automatically downloaded.

Testing-related changes
To help players test out changes, 106 has 3x the normal XP gain rate and 3x the improvement rate of the production servers. In addition, all characters are given a beta potion (last item in your inventory when you log in) which will give you 100 HP and let you learn as many schools as your intellect allows. Simply drink the potion and follow the instructions given in the chat window. For any testing that requires specific builds or scenarios, we might boost players further or hand out new spells, skills or items. At the current time there is no running changelog showing what has been changed on 106, but this will be organised soon.

Giving feedback
Feedback on any changes you encounter can be posted in this subforum, as can any questions you have. Please don't use the globe on 106 as any new posts are deleted each time the server rebuilds. If you know who is working on a particular change, you can also try contact that person directly but the forums are preferred. Remember that changes are not final until they arrive on 105/112, and any feedback you leave will be taken into consideration.

Re: Testing on 106

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:17 am
by Oberon10490f1
What new content is on 106??

Re: Testing on 106

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:41 am
by Delerium
Right now it's just being used for testing bug fixes, nothing new until we start ramping up for the next update.