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Welcome to the new Meridian 59 Forums!

Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:11 pm
by Delerium
Welcome to the new forums! This is a place to discuss Meridian 59 and its development, and especially for players to make suggestions and raise issues about the game.

Existing m59 players might be wondering, why create yet another Meridian 59 forum when several already exist? Why should we all use this one?
  • All the other forums are owned by people no longer present in the community (and are not contactable), so there is a chance they will disappear at some point. I intend this forum to be the last new one necessary, and will be creating a backup process to transfer the forum software/database to another person in the event I am no longer involved with the game.
  • The other forums have issues with registering. Spam filters and manual registration approval have made registering for other m59 forums difficult in the past, and the automatic registration here should remove that pain point.
  • Existing forums have limited mobile support, and phpBB was chosen for this forum for its ease of use on multiple platforms.
  • Game/forum integration - another reason phpBB was chosen was its flexibility; ideally in the future the forums will be directly accessible from the classic and Ogre clients and previous forum solutions are likely more difficult to integrate.
  • phpBB also offers German language support, and the majority of Meridian 59 players are in Germany. Currently, registration is required before switching to German in the User Control Panel (in the Profile section). Posting is encouraged in whatever language the poster is most comfortable with (but please try to be as clear as possible with questions intended for other language speakers).
There are three sections in this forum:
  • News/Annoucements - this section, where updates and game-wide news will be posted.
  • Meridian 59 Game Discussion - three subforums to discuss Meridian 59 in general, or 105/112 specifically.
  • Meridian 59 Development - three subforums, one for general m59 development, one for player requests, one for Ogre client development. This section may grow if there is need for it.
General forum rules apply - please don't spam, post illegal/copyrighted content or harass each other.
Please see the phpBB FAQ if you have any questions about using the forum, or post specific questions in the General Discussion subforum.