Patch 2.4

General Changes

  • Raised client-server ping frequency and lowered the time a client can be inactive before being logged off by the server. Should result in less deaths due to dropped connections.
  • Add current in-game time display to the classic client, displayed next to the latency cube. The ‘Frames Per Second’ (FPS) display, if activated in client preferences, will be shown to the right of the time display. Currently the time can’t be switched off, but this will likely be added in the next update.
  • Added a ‘snowball’ throwable object which can be obtained from DM-placed ‘snowpile’ objects. Snowballs do no damage, can be thrown at other players/mobs in any room and ignore safety/faction rules, but can also be set to work as a regular (weak) throwable weapon.
  • Added a Qormas surprise to be revealed later.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug causing all UDP packets (move, attack, turn) to be ignored for a short period of time on 9th December.
  • Fixed an issue with Ice Nova projectiles not moving in classic client that was introduced in the last update.
  • Fixed Vale node not activating due to the presence of DM-created fairies.
  • Fixed the lower exits in Orc Pit Boss lair not being accessible, and set the room to spawn cave orcs again (was only spawning the wizards and the boss).
  • Fixed FPS display drawing on top of the player portrait in classic client if the client window is set to a low width.
  • Fixed Ogre client not starting up on older versions of Windows due to some missing parts in the Microsoft DLL files shipped with the client. If your Ogre client is unable to start up due to this, run the Ogre updater manually (via shortcut installed with Ogre, or Meridian59.Patcher.exe in the Ogre directory).

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