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Easter Invasion

The popular Easter invasion event returns to Meridian 59 for the second year, this time on server 105. Ferocious giant rabbits will descend upon the towns of Meridian, wreaking havoc and murdering players, unless they can be stopped. The event will be dangerous but valuable rewards await the participating players…

First Royal Tournament

The first Royal Tournament of Server 105 is here! To celebrate the server's opening, Duke Akardius has announced a tournament and will reward the victor with a Magic Spirit Helmet. This helm will be engraved with the victor's name, and will be bonded so that it cannot be dropped on…

Building Bonus Weekend!

Server 105 will have a "Building Bonus Weekend" from Saturday 12AM UTC until Monday 12AM UTC.   All monsters will give 15% increased XP. Spell and skill softcaps will be less harsh - abilities will be easier to improve past the 2x stat softcap.

New forum account competition

Competition Draw Congratulations to Cenasi who won the monocle, and to Evil Sibhod who won the runner up prize of 250k! To celebrate the opening of the new Meridian 59 forums, all new forum accounts up until Saturday 27th of August (12AM UTC) will be entered into a draw to…

Building Bonus Weekend

Server 105 will have a "Building Bonus Weekend" from Saturday 27th August 12AM UTC until Monday 29th August 12AM UTC. All monsters will give 15% increased XP, and spell/skill improvement rate will be boosted by 15%.

Second Royal Tournament

The second Royal Tournament on Server 105 will be held on Saturday 29th October at 10pm UTC (2pm PST, 5pm EST). This tournament will be in traditional format (1 vs 1) so will require at least 8 players to participate. Entries should be sent by game mail to Delerium, and…

Bonus building weekend

XP and spell/skill advancement rates have been increased by 25% from Friday 27th - Monday 30th October.